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Did You See the Sunrise?

How many Sunrises have passed you by? How often do you take a moment, and simply enjoy the moment (there are so many), when the sun comes up over the horizon? Have you considered the uncountable Blessings that came with that Sunrise?
I can’t imagine not thinking about such things… but I compare myself with no one. I am unique to a fault, I think. If such a thing be possible. I know only, that I’ve not found another like me. No mate, who understands…
I thought I had. But she left. I say this, not to draw sympathy, but to point out how difficult it is to find someone who “understands” you (me)! How difficult is it, to be Grateful, and Thankful, for all of Life, and to share that Joy (and sorrow, the highs as well as the lows, the Good with the bad) with another? …I’m still working on it. I suppose some people find perpetual Gratitude a false front. I don’t understand how anything less is possible! Just because my heart is broken, does not change the beauty or grandeur of a Sunrise, or all the Blessing(s) of Life that accompany it!! That I suffer is simply a reminder to be Grateful of/for the moments when I am free of affliction(s), whatever their nature. How can we know the pure Bliss of Union, if we haven’t been raked by the pain of loss/separation?
It hurts, yes. Does that relieve me of the Duty and Honour to acknowledge the Wondrous Beauty of all Creation, and give credit where It’s due, for the unfathomable Blessing(s) that are/were those precious, Sacred, shared moments!?!? The Joy brought in those moments made/makes it all worthwhile! To have in memory, that smile of delight, and those eyes, filled with the Light of Their Love, reflecting the Joy within!! Aren’t those moments, worthy of the greater parts of our energy(ies)/focus? I think so. And that those precious moments are always worth the effort. All of Life, while we are Living, is worth celebrating!

I arose this Morning, to the Glory of the Sun, not quite over the hills and obstacles and terrain that separated it from me. How Miraculous, that wondrous display, that I arose from my bed and went immediately outside (…after some Prayers of Gratitude for all this Life’s experiences, and for the Well Being of others) to greet the Mighty Light of our Salvation!! Don’t think It so grand? Try living without the sunlight, see how long you last! Sadly, it takes but a moment for the Life to be frozen from its vessel, without Sunlight to nourish it, and keep it warm. A darkness I Pray never to know!
And so I gave Thanks, for that tremendous ball of gas giving its Light to us, millions of miles away! It didn’t take long (though I could have gone about it all the day long), just a moment, to pause the “busy-ness” of existing in this “society” of ours. And I’ve felt Great for having done so all day long!!

Several years ago now, a great Friend of Life introduced me to an “Attitude of Gratitude”, and I’ve not been the same since. The charge, is for 30 days, to write down on (something) 3 new things you are grateful for, every day. The only “rule”, is “No duplicating!” So you actually have to come up with 90 different things, 3 per day!
By the time 30 days had passed, I wanted to write more! I found I didn’t have all I was grateful for written down, and I wanted to fill the gaps I had on the (3 X 5) cards I’d been writing them on! There are new additions to the uncountable Blessings every moment, and not in any lifetime could anyone write them ALL down!! They keep coming, each and every moment we Live!!! ..Ever tried counting moments? Good luck if you’re brave enough to try!

But again, this is just me. One day, I may have that mate, with whom to share such immeasurable Glory! With whom, I may give/offer Thanks to [our] Powers that Be for the unlimited Blessings of Life!! All Glory, Honour, and Praise be, to They who Created all Life on Terra! I Pray one day to be so worthy, to say that I, as small and insignificant as I may be, had benefited Life on Earth in some manner. The verdict is still out, I’ve much Life to Live (I hope) before I am judged, for having served Life, or been a detriment to It. A choice we all make, every day. All day.
That, is what this Life is all about!! Promoting Life, or promoting death. Which do you do? How much? Did you know, that Promoting Life, is as easy as a smile? Sure, there is a world more of things we can do, but really, just a smile is still beneficial to the Life around you! If we can do no more, we can at the very least offer a smile, can we not? In shared Gratitude, for the opportunity to Live another moment? To share, another moment!?

Why do we so wantonly choose to be miserable? What appeal is there, to being so ungrateful? Sure, there are aspects of Life that are less than pleasant. We all experience them. We cannot Learn without contrasts, and so must endure the challenges, before we can fully appreciate the ease. Sure, the periods of ease may not be as plentiful. But they are there! Aren’t they worth the effort(s)? Isn’t that the whole point to our running around this Life, like Chickens with our heads cut off? For the sake of enjoying those rare, precious moments, when we get to share in the Joy(s) of the Life we experience!? Is there a better reason, for doing all we do, than being able to share in the Joy(s) of Life??
I think not. But who am I? I am yet Alive, and so I Dream still! And so, when I am able, I am willing to take the time, to enjoy the moment of Sunrise! It need not be the entirety thereof. Just a moment. To be reminded, and Grateful for the reminder, that such a precious moment is not granted to us all, and is not always granted!

Blesséd be to thee all!
Aloha! Namaste! As-Salàmu Àlaykum!

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Oh, ye ends of the Earth…

Good day to thee all!! How are my fellow Earthlings weathering this media storm??? Seriously, I Pray all are well, and those who have contracted this flu-like virus named “Covid-19”, a speedy and full recovery! It is tragic, that there are those among us whose immune systems cannot handle the strains and stresses of the flu, as is always the case. Every year, and change of season. Even more tragic, that an inept, would-be dictator, who continues to assume the throne of these United States, has so egregiously performed his duties, fulfilling 0% of the responsibility(ies) required of his post and station.
To they, all those who have been so grossly misrepresented, and mistreated as human beings, with undeniable rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness! To them (to us all, in case you missed that), and their Kindred and Friends, my condolences and sincere wishes (and Prayers!) that we may all someday soon see a return to “normal”, wherever in the world you may be. For not one of us Living Human Souls, has gone unaffected by our -collective- current circumstances!
For all who have recently suffered the loss of a Loved one, I understand it is always a difficult time, and my wish(es) and Prayer(s) is that a comfortable “normality” may return to your lives, as their physical absence becomes slowly familiar enough that you (we) may carry on, cherishing the memories of those left behind, instead of the mourning we at first endure.

There is bitter irony in the saying/fact that, “We don’t know what we’ve got, ’til it’s gone.” That being (the irony, that is), that it/they are not “fully” appreciated until we no longer have them! How sad, that in the moment, we don’t realize the value possessed!
I know of no one (myself included) who has not, at some point (or many), experienced the Truth of this. Loss of a car, a house… more importantly that of a Friend, Kin, and/or Loved One, these events tend to bring to the forefront of our minds just how much a part of our lives they are! And not just the big things, but the little things as well! …If not more so.
Rarely do we understand/appreciate just how much said person/object means to us, or the smooth/continued function(s) [they] bring to our lives, until it is too late. And then the loss is all to clear! The ramifications, suddenly, abundantly, clear. Then does the real value become painfully, highly polished, crystal, clear.
So too of our Freedom(s)!! A wise man once said, They who can give up essential Liberty to obtain a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. How much more liberty are we willing to give up? …How much more do we really have left to lose?

No matter your geographic location, we are all Human, and as such; “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all [wo]/men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” {-Preamble to the Declaration of Independence}
There is not one Human-being on Terra that this does not apply to. So why are only the 1%ers achieving this? Simple. They’re afraid that if they share, they won’t be able to enjoy the same level of “luxury” they inherited. The irony is, that there would be greater abundance, not less, if we all enjoyed such high standards of living. Such is the inherent flaw of narrow, short-sided, short-term thinking.
But, then, if they actually poked their heads out of their tiny boxes, they might see the world around them! The wonder, the majesty of a Divine Gift we’ve all been given… the Gift of Life!!!

That’s right! Ladies, Gentlemen, the cat’s out of the bag!! You’re ALIVE!!! And guess what!? There’s more! You… have… the… right… to… choose… how… you… Live… that… Life!!! THAT is an “inalienable” Right!! But WAIT!!!! There’s more!
We can ALL do so, Peaceably, Cooperatively, Interdependently, in Harmony and in Unison with EVERY OTHER LIFE FORM on the Planet! Hard to believe, I know. Because “they” have been telling you otherwise for milennia. But think about it! What’s stopping us?? All 7 (I’ve recently hear 8) + billion of us, are capable of Living, together, upon this abundant, verdant Earth we call home! Don’t believe me? Ask yourselves this; Why not???
For what reason (other than greed, or any other self-serving “sin”), what valid reason is there, why we cannot ALL prosper? There isn’t one.
Imagine, if we ALL, simply Lived as we wish, followed our Dreams, we would ALL be too busy enjoying Life to be envious, greedy, malicious, selfish, murderous, etc.)! There is NO Good reason, why we cannot. If we simply cease to imprison ourselves, cease allowing others to convince us why we should serve them, at all, and simply return to doing what we already know to be Right!!

Let’s throw Religion in the mix! Tell me of any One of them that does not have a version or form, type if you prefer, of The Golden Rule! Tell me, please, with so many billions of followers of Faiths around the world, each one of them “adhering to the same guiding principle”, it is humanly possible that we “live” in the kind of world we do??? Can anyone explain that to me? Please?
And don’t hide behind the Name by which you call upon Deity/Divine/Higher Power (or even if not at all, for you still bare a moral compass that has the same principle), because it matters not by what Name, or Element, or Universal Instructor/Constructor… really! It doesn’t matter! Are you practicing what you preach? If you were, WE could not POSSIBLY be struggling as WE are to survive!!!! Think about that! If even half of the “Believers” of “XYZ” Religion actually practiced what they preach/”believe”, would it even be possible that we would have even half the issues we humans have!!!??? I say unto you Nay! It would not be possible!
We, each and every one of 7 + billion of us, every single one of us, has the opportunity, in every single moment we are alive, to “Choose the Right!” Are we? Do you? I say unto you, Nay! For if ye were, that Righteousness would sweep across the face of the planet like a tornado against the filth that is “running” this world today!
But we don’t. We are all far too complacent. After all, it is not that evil is stronger, that it prevails, it is only because “Good” people do nothing. Putting them directly in league with those that continue to try to find ways to suppress and control your movement, your speech, the very air we breathe if we keep letting them!
And PLEASE I beg of you, don’t try to inflict your will upon another with violence (And words can be violent too)! There’s no need, it solves nothing, and since there isn’t a single solitary one of us that doesn’t have the exact same basic needs for Growth and Life: Love, Food(Water), and shelter! And in that order, for with the one before it, we can do with a little less of the next. …What possible gain can there be from inflicting violence upon another? There is none!! And just imagine, imagine, what we could accomplish, if we acted for each other’s Benefit, instead of detriment!? what we, the citizens of Planet Earth (Terra), could accomplish, in harmony with the Life that sustains us, and the Planet that provides it!! Act as you “Believe”, “Do unto others, as you would have done to you!”
There is one, and only one reason, ever given, where aggressive acts are condoned against another “sentient” being (…though, there are many “lesser” Life forms that understand the necessity for balance in Life better than we do), and that is in defense of an other, and their Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Not even your own, but theirs. In defense of an other than yourself.

And here’s the determining question(s) for if what you are doing is Right or wrong: Will Life and Living, be in some way, better for my doing it? Is what I’m doing benefiting more than myself? Does it/will it benefit in some way, some other living thing upon this, our planet? Is what I am doing, going to express in some way, to some thing other than myself that I care?
If the answer to any of these is yes, then do continue!
If the answer is no, let your conscience be your guide! We, as a “civil” “society”, have learned far too much to claim ignorance of our actions. We know precisely which Master we are serving. There can be only One. Life/Light!!!!! …Or Death/Dark.
It’s time we repent of our campaign(s) of death and destruction! Repent! Repent! And you know what, we don’t even have to get all “pious” about it, leave the pulpit and pews at home, and just go out and do some Good! Tear up some concrete (of your own, and/or with permission) and plant a Garden, volunteer, lend a hand, cook a meal, say “Thank you!”, say “I Love you!”, give a hug, give a smile, a warm greeting, something, anything to uplift or benefit another, and I Promise, Good things will come of it!

There you have It, my Friends, the latest and Greatest post yet! 😀 I’ve done my part. There is much to be done (writing, for me!), and no better time than now to be doing it! LOL I think I may go for a walk as well, take in some fresh air. Enjoy the Beauty of the Sights, Sounds, Smells, Tastes and Feels of the Life that surrounds me… while yet I am able. For we are not promised the next moment. Are you/will you be the One, to share it, to send “These Good Words” to another? By last count, I have a 1/51 of a chance, that someone, somewhere will share this with another, and they to another, and on. If not, I have shared it with those 51 of you, I hope you have enjoyed the Rant. I know I “come on strong”… but I do try to be plain, that I may be easily understood. A more difficult task than I once imagined!
I am human, and have many faults, that I daily endeavour to correct. Some days I am more successful than others, procrastination being one of my biggest pitfalls! LOL
So, until next I post… (I feel some poetry coming on… 🙂 )

Aloha! Namaste! As-Salàmu Àlaykum!

Shalom! Peace! Pax!

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Good Morning!!

Well, somebody had to say it!  LOL  You can’t see me, you’re reading this!  So it is important that I describe to you all that is going on around me, that you may understand.

Life.  Life is going on, all around me!  And I want so much to be a part of it!  But you won’t let me.  You keep the door(s) locked.  I can’t get in {“What if I’m (he’s) a “criminal”??}  Well, the cat’s out of the bag.  I am.

By “societies” standards, and definition.  In truth, I’m not.  I try, every day to be the Best me I can be, every day.

By “Best”, I mean, non-violent, Peace Loving, Love wanting, me that I can be.  I don’t condone violence, of ANY SORT, but I continue to be subjected to it, literally and figuratively.

My Name is Elron!  What’s your name?  How are you??  Simple greetings, to be shared or ignored as you please.  I have only my words, all else has left me.!

And so I return.  Again and again!  Gladly, for YOU!  Will you have me?

If so, I’ve made the means and the ways for you to contact me when you Wish, available on as many “sharing” “medias” as I’m willing to tolerate.  To be honest, I grow tired of all the technology, the data, it’s all so superfluous!  What MATTERS, IS LIFE!!!!  And the Living of it.

And the people you know, that you invite into your space, matters.  What you do with them, how you do it, Why you do it!

If I’ve confused you, please start from the top, and read it again.  Everything else, is so much fluff!!

I could sit here typing to/at/for you all about what I’ve gone through in this Life, or others, but I do not wish to spend every waking moment typing, or reading, though I enjoy both!  And yet, how else do we share?  I’d rather be Living, alive, feeling, experiencing, all that Life has to offer.  For it doesn’t matter WHAT you do, just so long as you are harming none in doing so.  That includes YOURSELF!

The TRUTH is out there, in every language.  And if that’s what you’re lookin’ for, you’ve found It!  If not, look else where.  I’ll tire eventually of repeating it, but I’ll say it again, perhaps with more words, so you can more easily Understand.

I Love you ALL, that I’ll NEVER tire of saying, to you as an individual, or as a Group.  For THAT is what matters, nothing more, nothing less.  If You’d like to Hear more, feel free to ask (in “person”, in RL preferably), but I’ll respond digitally if you want [you can’t like it or Love it, it’s not “alive”!]!

Aloha!  Namaste!  As-Alámu Álaykum!

~Me~  {~Elron~}

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Vows For Valentine’s

Vows For Valentine’s

Destined from birth
Faith says even before
Memory bears proof
Loving days of yesteryore

Eternal in truth
No beginning nor end
Always to you
My Love I do send

Reality fades
Your Radiance blinds
All Good things
With you I find!

My heart beats
My hands toil
My Life for you
My Soul, when this body is soil

No greater Love
On Earth to be found
No greater Gift
Nor Foundation more sound!

Unity provides
And Dreams come to Life
As One we soar Free
Together, no strife!

True Love blinds
The strongest Universal ties
Ours for all time
Seen in your eyes!

Words fail
Expressing our Love
Together Forever
We take Flight, souring above!

14 Feb 2012 James Elrond Mings

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A Friend Indeed

Few things in Life

Are ever “for sure”

Especially time

It’s gone in a blur


Some things last

Family is one

No choices here made

They still can be fun


And pillars through

Thick and thin

Love for one’s Family

Run deeper than skin


Yet somehow

Th’ grandest feeling of all

Comes from a friend

Who’s there when you fall


‘Cause it’s not expected

Just a genuine gift

A friend brings True Love

Through all weather, our Friends do lift!

© 04Nov2011                                                                                                                                                                    James Elrond Mings

I dedicate this Poem

To a friend, so True

Simple words aren’t enough

Nonetheless, Maia, thank you!

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Inside My Head…

A Blessed day to thee all!

I’ve discovered, since creating this Blog, that you can’t get an update message sent out unless you “post” directly to the “Front end”, where this will appear.  So there is no other way for me to let you know that I updated my “About Elron”  Page, because, having done so, without doing what I am now, it would go largely unnoticed, unless you happened to Subscribe to that Page of my Blog… I think…  LOL

So, at any rate, I’m not going to Post a simple here it is… I actually intend on letting you in to a little piece of my mind…  If you don’t know me, brace yourself (if you do, you already know this to be a requirement LMAO), it can get bumpy in the recesses of my mind…

I am presently at an all time “high” in my Life, where all matters NOT including “Love” are concerned.  Where Love is concerned, I’m not doing so hot…

But, that is at the very least, in part, my own fault.  I have been so very Blessed in this Life, so much so, I couldn’t even begin to list them all here.  I would spend what’s left of my Life trying to list them, and wouldn’t be able to keep up, even if I could “catch up” to present day in the telling.  One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made, is not being as Grateful as I should have been of that which I had received.  And not realizing soon enough just how fragile, and precious Life is!  How rare those moments are, in which we recognize just how magickal it is, being alive!

Not the least of these Blessings, but certainly one of the greatest, has been the opportunity to meet my Soul-Mate, the woman of my Dreams, who I have literally dreamt of all of my Life!  She is an Angel among us, and all who know her, know her to be more than just one in a million, but one in 7,000,000,000+!  She stands out in a crowd, lights up any room she enters, and has survived adversity after adversity to become the Woman and Mother she is!  Successful, creative, innovative, gentle, Loving, determined, strong, independent, intelligent, beautiful, and all the while, delicate, even fragile.

Many women have aspired to do half of what she has accomplished, and have been unsuccessful.  And she has been twice in, and a part of my Life!  Twice now (the first time mind you, I had absolutely no say in the matter… not that I have any more say this time, but I could do more than I’ve done, but that is a gamble I’m not willing to take), I’ve given up my own “selfish” desires, and given her the freedom so deserved, to fly as she will, hoping for, but not expecting, a return.  Charity.  Putting an others Needs and wants before your own.  Love.

Some people think there is no such thing as a “Soul-Mate”, others believe in them, but don’t feel we are ever meant to be with them.  Some believe there is one “Right” person for each of us out there, others that any will do, it is simply a matter of what we are willing to do to “keep” in our Lives those we choose.

I am not saying any or all of these possibilities are Right, or Wrong.  I will say, that I Believe, that there is and has always been, for me, one Perfect match.  One person, one Woman, who is in every way, for me, the “most” perfect, the most ideal, the One!  I believe this because all of my Life, as I grew up, I had a building and growing set of ideas, of who it is, or would be, that embodied everything I wanted in a partner, a mate, a companion for Life, that I found to be the best traits of what I would come to define as being a “perfect” and “compatible” Friend to share the rest of my Life with, intimately.  And point for point, once I had met her, I knew!

Some may call me crazy, and indeed, they might be right.  But the moment I met her, and looked in her eyes, and touched her as we shook hands, I had a Vision!  One that I have yet to completely make sense of.  But it spanned a Lifetime, and happened in the blink of an eye!  In the moment I saw her, and stood to take her hand in greeting, in the instant in which we touched, my Life changed, and has not been the same since!  And it has taken all that has transpired for me to make as much sense as I have of that Vision, and to write those Poems of what I now recall having seen…

I believe that we do all have Soul-Mates, that one perfect match, that one above all others whom we find in our Lives that can make “Happily Ever After” a reality!  That one person who so Inspires us, that not only would we do anything for them, but strive in all ways, and in all things, to be better because they have so touched our Lives!  Do we always find them?  Does it always “work out”?  It would be nice if we did, and it did.  I believe it’s possible, and that there are always exceptions, and exceptional people.  I Believe they are always near.  I believe, that if reincarnation is more than fantasy, (I’m not implying that it is fantasy) that there are many people we stay “close” to in each Lifetime.  And of course it doesn’t always work out.  Some times because of our own actions, some times because of theirs, others both.  It’s true, all too often, that we don’t know what we have until it’s gone.  The sad part is, that both times I had her present in this Life, I knew what I had!

The first time, I hadn’t yet figured out enough of (indeed, at that time, any) that Vision to understand what I’d lost, but I knew, nonetheless.  The second time…  the second time, I knew, but I’d forgotten too much of who I was to be worthy of what was being offered.  I had just come out (within a years time mind you, but I was not yet fully healed/recovered from the effects) of my failed marriage, and though I was well on my way to getting back to “being me”, I wasn’t.  I was still too stuck in the mode of reacting as I had to my Ex-Wife, and wasn’t then prepared to react to the greatest gift offered us mortals in this Life, True Love.  I didn’t treat her as she should have been when our Lives began again as One, as a “Single Unit”, I treated her as I had learned to treat “the other half”, as I had treated my Ex-Wife, and not as the completely separate person, individual that she is, and had herself become.  {Folks, you want a bit of free therapy/relationship advice?  NEVER treat someone as you have treated someone else!!!  LOL  That may be the surest way to guarantee failure in any relationship.  We, all 7,000,000,000+ of us, are individuals, and should be treated as such, for though our “core” needs -Love, Food, and Shelter- are the same, our views, thoughts, and ideas vary as greatly as the numbers of us!}  The second time, I knew what I had in “having” her in my Life, but I hadn’t figured out what it was I had with “me” in my Life!  I’d given “me” up in the marriage that had completely failed, because I was more concerned with pleasing her (the “X”) than I was with being me, and growing up myself.

By the time I realized I was losing everything I ever wanted, and the Dream/Vision that had begun to become reality, again, it was too late.  I didn’t have time to figure out, or explain, and I had already made too many of the mistakes that I had already made by “not being me” in my marriage.  If we don’t learn from the past, we’re doomed to repeat it…

Life is too short!  We are not Promised tomorrow!  We have but one chance in this Life, to in this moment make the most of the Lives we have been given!  We are given but fractions of “time” in which to Live our lives, and in those blinks of an eye, worlds change, and collide, and we either merely exist in those moments, or we truly Live, and do the best we can to be the best we are capable of being.  And if we are so Blessed to wake once more, who can say what will remain of the World we left behind when we laid our heads to rest?

To make a long story short (er, shorter), The Angel that had twice entered my Life, has twice left my Life.  I don’t know if she saw in my eyes when first we met, what I saw in hers.  I suspect she might have seen even more!  But I don’t know.  I don’t know if, even if she had, what she saw (or may have seen) instead, the second time we shared our Lives together.  We haven’t spoken -seriously- since before we last parted, and all I know of our time together this last time is my own memories, and the things I’ve learned of myself since then.  I know I am unable to even now say to her “Thank you!”, for having made my present Life possible.  Were it not for her, and the role she’s played in my Life, I would not be here now.  But I will do nothing to disrupt the Happiness I’ve been told she now shares with another.  All I’ve ever wanted for her was to be Happy.  That’s what Love is -according to me-.  The time we spent together was, is, the part of my Life that I consider to be the Happiest!  The time when my Dreams, and that Vision I’d had almost became real!

I’ve learned, the hard way, what it is, to have had everything you ever wanted, ever dreamt of having, and lost it all.  I am so Blessed, that I am alive this day, and have begun upon the path that leads to doing, to being, what I’ve always dreamt of, and wanted to be.  But I no longer have her to share that Joy with.  And Joy in this Life, that is unshared with the One you Love, is only half of what it could be.  Life, unshared, is only half of what it should be.  Hopeless, foolish, romantic, Writer/Poet that I am, of course I believe “Happily ever after!” is possible.  But the reality is more often than not, the tragic ending that we in this world have become all too familiar with when it comes to “Love stories” outside of fiction.  Silence is far from golden.  But each day I am so Blessed to rise, I do so in utter Gratitude, for the chance, the opportunity, to once more, make the most of, and attempt to be, the best “me” I can be!  And if given the opportunity, to share a little of the Joy of Living with those who are in, and/or may become, if even for a moment, a part of my Life.

I implore you, the reader, to Live your Life, to the fullest, in every moment you have!  Do not forsake that which you have been given, and do not regret.  Learn from what has been gained, and lost.  Remember all you can of the past, and treasure the memories!  Follow your Dreams, and do whatever it is that makes you Happy, so long as none other is harmed!  Life is too short to be spent miserably!  And those precious moments in which we have all we’ve ever wanted, are too few and far between to be taken for granted!  Live, Love, Share, and Enjoy Life while it lasts, for it IS NOT permanent.  Blessed be my Friends!  Aloha!  Namaste!  As-Alamu ‘Alaykum!