Creature Comforts

Comfort is so very subjective…

We, the “common” wo/man, those among the richest 1/3 of the world population, yet at the bottom of the “success” pyramid (as defined by $$$), feel -perhaps wrongly so- more connected to the truly impoverished 2/3 of the remaining world population, and struggle to find and/or maintain that level of complacency which keeps us (if not happy) mute to the injustice of our meager and humble existence(s).  As those among the wealthiest (only 1/5 of the world populous) profit and even benefit from our -the other 4/5- degradation and suffering.

Nature, yea, even Life itself seems of little or no value to those actually in a position capable of making a “significant” difference therein.  While “we” struggle to make ends meet, wondering if and/or how we will be able to put food on the table from day to day, “they” eat like birds (or pigs) from plates “fit for kings”, without even a second thought to what will become of the food and goods wasted once they’ve had their fill.  On the backs of many, do the few and privileged prosper.

This imbalance, as it has increased over the last two hundred years, has brought us -the Human race- to the brink of destruction.  And too few seem to care, let alone possess the means or ability to change and/or alter this plight.  Throughout known recordable and recorded history, we are shown and have seen time and again, not only this practice being repeated (that of the rich manipulating the world around them, destroying people and nature, by what ever means necessary to increase and ensure their own gain/benefit… ), but the utter folly therein!  And yet little -if anything- has changed.  Except for our ability to exponentially exasperate the very actions leading to our demise.

We, the citizens of the United States of America, are being robbed, beaten, and murdered by the aristocracy we’ve allowed to seize control of our government, as they tell us it is “For the greater good.”, and that “We have your best interests in mind!  We are after all, ‘representing’ the people!”  Really?  Since when does the wealthiest 1/10 of the U.S. population, have the interests of the poorest in mind?  Which lobbyist for big business is fighting for our benefit?  Seriously…  You show me ONE Lobbyist, pining for equality, putting the needs of the many before his/her own pocket book, and I’ll show you this neat bridge I have for sale…

Greed now dictates our “right” to Life.  We subjugate ourselves to the almighty “dollar”, allowing monetary value to define our success, failure, and influence.  The more you have, the more weight your words have.  The less you have… “I’m sorry, what was that?  I couldn’t hear you, construction and all…”  And all the while Life takes a back seat to profit margins.  And survival is left to what little remains of the “natural world” and the “animal kingdom” by/in definition.

And those among us who see the truth of this, are systematically belittled, berated, and/or silenced.  Deemed outcasts, rogues, extremists, idealists, without a grasp of the “real world”, and at best permitted to continue our rants as little more than mocked individuals of hopeless causes.  If given even that much credit.  Just ask Michael Moore!  The influence allowed is quickly isolated to “conspiracy theorists”, or the moral minority, as with anyone who dares say anything contradicting or questioning the authority and money of those “in power”.

Our humanity -or lack thereof- has become a bi-product, and our mental endeavors are focused more on taking the living out of Life, and replacing it with non-living machinery, so long as it is a means of “simplification”, regardless of jobs lost, Lives ruined, or any other human condition effected.  We seem to be striving to live less, not more…

And Love has little chance of counting as something that brings comfort, or as comforting, it’s too much work!  Besides, who’s willing to actually stick with someone “…for better or worse, for richer or poorer, through good times and bad, in sickness and in health, so long as you both shall Live!” We’re in the disposable generation.  Don’t like the one you got?  Throw it/them away, get another, it’s easier (and cheaper too!) than trying to make it work through thick and thin, and everything in between.  Besides, who believes in True Love anymore anyway?  Well, other than me… I’m -if not alone- in the EXTREME minority.  Love stands little chance in today’s world… it requires effort, and greed is just too easy, and SO much more profitable.

Worth is defined by quantity, not quality now-a-days.  Quality is all but a thing of the past.  Too costly and too time consuming in our fast paced, replaceable world.  And our Lifestyles are quickly assuming -or perhaps more truthfully, assimilating- this definition.

We are wantonly enslaved by our own desires, oblivious to the destruction caused, physically and Spiritually, through/for such pursuits.

What right have we to call ourselves intelligent?  There is not ONE living organism or species upon this planet -other than Humans- which so willfully or brazenly seeks its own demise for the sake of  a moments “glory”.  And we DARE to claim intelligence?  Least of all superior intellect!

Who are we trying to fool?  If this our measure of a “right” to dominance, let alone rational superiority, we’d be better off letting Lumbricidae (Earth Worms) rule the world!


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