A Journey of a Thousand Miles…

A journey of a thousand miles begins with but one step!

This Page is being set up separate from the others, not so much because it is “separate”, but because I feel it deserves a space of its own…

As of 20JUL2010, I will have begun a journey of more than a thousand miles, on foot.

I know this is an outmoded form of travel, and one that may well prove hazardous to my health, as much of the terrain I shall cross is open desert, and it is not the most hospitable climate, nor the safest means of travel.

But I made someone a promise.  A someone that I Love more than Life itself, and would do anything for, and have vowed to Love and spend the rest of my Life with.

Here’s the snag though…  [There always is one, isn’t there?  LOL]  She and I have not -meaningfully- spoken since the death of our unborn twins, and I have not seen her in nearly 9 months.

It is my belief, that we -the “intelligent”, “thinking” of Earthly species- are no more, and no less, than an accumulation of  our actions, and our words.  And when we leave this realm of existence to enter the next, I believe if we are judged for anything, it is for these two things.  Not our beliefs per se, or the religions we do or don’t follow, or the names by which we summon and call upon the Power(s) that be, but for the sum of our Lives.  We take nothing with us, but our memories, and our experience(s).  And I believe if there is a “Hell”, it is made up of the regrets of this Life, and the pain/suffering we have inflicted on others.

As some of you may know, I am a Poet, and a Writer.  And being as such, the fact that I am a wordsmith, means to me, that above all others who use them to communicate, I am bound to make not only the most of them, but to make them count more, to matter more!  Because I use them as a means of Artful expression, if Words do not mean more to me, then I am no better, and perhaps far worse than the most deceitful of liars!  Because I use them as a means of not only expression, but artistic merit, am I not obligated to ensure to all who hear/read me that I am -if nothing else- sincere, and as honest and forthright as I can be?  For the mere sake of credibility, if nothing else.

I feel I am.  Perhaps it is my chivalrous, romantic, poetic nature, all tied to the way I was raised.  Perhaps it is pure and simple pride.  Regardless of the source of my passion on this matter/topic, it is what it is, and I cannot Live with myself believing I have done anything less than my best to fulfill my obligations, and be true to those to whom I have made promises.

At the time of my arrival (should I survive the journey) it will have been more than 10 months since any meaningful dialogue has occurred between us.  But I make this journey out of Love, out of a necessity to be and remain a man of my word.  And because if I do not, my words will have meant nothing.  Not to her, nor to any whom I ever speak and/or write to, whether “they” realize it or not.

You see, I have already failed to keep this promise once.  And by a twist of fate, or Destiny, or just an insanely impeccable and improbable chance of timing, I was reunited with she whom I first Loved, and first Promised to Promise (through vows) my Life and Love with, about a year after my Ex-wife and I separated.

Love was easy to come by, as we’d Loved once before, and though nearly 15 (now going on 16) years had passed, it seemed to me that the Universe was guiding me to she, and vice versa!  And indeed, we were reunited, but not the way it was planned, and the outcome was not as was intended.

Life is what happens when you make plans, sometimes.

My Life has now come full circle.  The Universe, the Powers that be, the Almighty, The God and Goddess, by what ever means you might or may refer to them, have once again directed me to a journey that was promised nearly a year ago.  And it’s high time I do what is right, what it was I said I would, and make a fighting effort for something that is not fought for often enough, Love.

Once, the truest and purest Love ever shown or described to me was promised on the other side, at the end of this journey.  Now, this time, I’ve been given no such promises, and I can but Hope (and Pray) for something more than the silence that has haunted me too long now.  We shall soon see.

I believe we -“She” and I- WERE meant to be together!  When we first met, oh so long ago, I had a vision, one I saw in the blink of an eye, within her eyes, in that precious first moment, caught and held captive by her gaze,  our souls connected, a glance at a time and place where Love only existed, and forever is a possible future, within her eyes!  {The second of 2 Poems I’ve written about this vision can be found here, titled “Deeper Within Your Eyes!” }  It has taken me 15 years to come to understand what it is (was) that I saw, and the discovery took “losing” her twice.  But in the time since our last parting, I’ve gone through much healing, and a lot of personal growth (or so I perceive to be so).  I can’t say why exactly things had to happen the way they did, for me to get where I am.  But there is no doubt in my mind that these things all happened for a reason, and though I’d hoped they had turned out differently, they may yet.  Only time, The Heavens, and she can say… for as any “real” visionary will tell you, even the most accurate of visions -or foresight- are changeable when more than one person is involved, and while we all have free will, NOTHING is set in stone, except the past.

I know now, I would not have survived my first attempt at this journey.  And having become as prepared as I can be, and should have been then, I know it is still a possibility that I won’t survive.  But, this time I shall not waver, I will not tilt.  If death does not take me, I will complete my journey this time!  A journey for Love, a journey for Life anew!  Regardless of the outcome, it is something I must do, and once this journey has met its end, Life will show me where and how the next, and even the rest of my journey, the rest of my Life, shall begin.  Whether I walk it alone, or hand in hand with the woman of my dreams… the one whom I Loved first, and Love still, the woman who I have Loved, and will always Love the most, the only whom I have ever seen a future with, the only I have ever truly wanted, and the only who is truly perfect -for me-, in every way!  {Or so I believe…  it must however, be a shared feeling, or it matters little.  For be it one sided, Love is purely sacrificial.}  Intelligent, beautiful, soft, caring, sensible, She is -my- an Angelic Moon Goddess, a beautiful and shining example of a “real” mother of the Earth, and the only person who has ever had such a lasting, and positive affect on my Life!  She has my Heart, my Love, I offer her and her child my Life, in every possible way, with the good, the bad, and all points in between!  She is the true embodiment of a Phoenix, and has caused my Love to rise from the ashes of the past, not once, but twice!  It is with she, that I’ve found the only place that has ever felt like Home.  And it is at her residence, that I hope to find the answer(s) to so many questions, that have gone so long without explanation…  perhaps I’ll find them, perhaps not, I won’t know ’til I get there.

And here is where I will record (as often as possible) the details of my journey, for the world to see, should any at all be so interested…  and so it begins!  Aloha!  Namaste!  As-AlàmuÀlaykum!


Today is day zero.  Less than 24 hours from now, I’ll be ending my first day of travel.  Preparations are still being made, but the supplies are at hand.  Packing is nearing finished (though there wasn’t a lot of it), and in less than 12 hours my journey begins!

I’m nervous, excited, hopeful, and afraid.  Much can -as of yet- go right, and much remains a question mark.  More in fact than I would have preferred (remains in question, that is), but it is beyond my control at this point.  And the Universe has provided so much to ready me for this time, this moment.  I remain confident that things will work out.  This is after all, at least in part, a leap of Faith.  And what would be the point in that, if I already had all the answers!  LOL

At any rate, I’m as prepared as I can be, or at least as prepared as I’m going to be!  🙂  I suppose Life will determine just how prepared I am…  Heavenly Father and Mother Earth do, after all, have the final say!  LOL  So, now only time remains between the beginning and the end!

It’s a little unnerving, that last time I “knew” what was at the other end, yet I wasn’t prepared in the slightest.  This time I am very much prepared, and don’t know what to expect on the other side!  But again, this is a journey for Love, and of Faith, and though the end may not be clear, the path truly is.

To those I leave behind, I am thankful for all you have come to mean to me, and as long as I am able, you will not be forgotten!  I will do my best to keep in touch, and Pray nothing but the best for and to you all!

To those I journey towards, With a Blessing and a little Luck, I’ll be there soon, and look forward to again sharing the moments of my future Life with you, or -at least- the possibility thereof.  We are never promised the next moment, but I endeavor to see forward to the time when I am again where I felt most at home.  The place where I wish to be from, with memory of the friends I leave behind, and vision(s) of those I will join, sharing and being a part of the future I journey for.

Rarely is there enough time to spend with everyone, and if I had a moment, and missed it, I apologize.  It was neither intentional, nor desired that I missed out, but I am confident that all relationships that are meant to be, will be continued, and I Pray that those that are not, will be remembered with fondness only.

There is much I’d hoped to do, and much I yet hope to accomplish.  What will be, will be.  I move ever forward, ever optimistically, aware of “reality” but undaunted by the negativity that circles ’round about.  I believe Love conquers all, and can attest to the fact, as I myself have been conquered by it!  🙂  The pain and suffering I have bared in its wake, have only caused me to believe in it more!  There is no greater force on Earth!  And as long as Faith, Hope, and Charity (Love) remain, so too does my resolve to do all that can be done for them!

I will be posting pictures as I can, probably on my Facebook page, but I may try it on here too, we’ll see!  🙂  I’ve got some disposable cameras that I’ll be using, so I won’t be taking too many pictures with my phone.

And also, on that note…  my phone will only be on between:  1700-2000 (5:00-8:00 pm) Pacific time, so if you wish to reach me, and would like an “immediate” response, those will be the hours you are most likely to reach me.  Otherwise, I will get back in touch with you when I can, should you leave a message, send one, or what-have-you.

I don’t know when I’ll next post here, but I will, as I said earlier in this Blog, do all I can to post at least once a week, so any and all interested may track my progress.  I Pray all are well, and will be and do well in the future that is coming to pass.  Until next time…  Namaste!     🙂


Sooner than expected, but as promised!  🙂  I got caught by rain, time, and the tail end of Albuquerque, so I got a hotel for the night instead of “camping out”.

Well yesterday was a bust.  I got caught with too much left to do before I left, and it gave me the time to get a couple more things I hadn’t, but killed the day for beginning my walk.  This morning I was geared up and ready to go at 0300.  Unfortunately, since I wasn’t finished packing until well in to yesterday, I had done no mock or trial “runs”, so after rounding the apartment complex I knew only then that adjustments would be needed.  That turned in to a nearly 5 hour undertaking, so I didn’t hit the road until around 0800.

Ouch!!  LOL  With over 40 lbs. of water, nearly as much food, and basic necessities, I’m carrying at least 100 lbs, and probably more like between 115-130.  But I am making progress, though slow going.  I’ve been told by one who knows [thank you again, Susan!  🙂  ], that though I’d trained for the hiking with a back pack, with such a load -and larger pack- it’ll probably be 3-4 days of acclimating before I am “up to par” with my pace, and the weight I now carry.

I’m sore, smelly, exhausted, and in a hotel room, and I’ll be sleeping on a real life bed for the first time in over 9 months!! Yay!  I wonder if I’ll sleep better, or worse because of it…  lol.  It’ll be nice nonetheless!  🙂

All and all, though I’m now a day and a half behind schedule (Yes, the walk was that slow going, I’ve the blisters on callous’ to prove it!)  I’m not displeased with my progress.  I’ve started taking pictures, & as soon as they are developed I’ll make sure they are placed here and/or on my Facebook page. I spent a great deal of time -once I started walking- adjusting straps, feeling the pain shift from my legs to my back, adjusted again, from my back to my legs, ’til I think I got it about right.  They both -legs and back- only ache a little instead of a lot!  LOL  My legs may not forgive me so quickly for taking so long to adjust the straps accordingly, once I had balanced the load properly to the best of my ability.  But despite my body’s complaints, I’m eager to see it all working together (body included)!  lmao

I am determined, and now looking forward to again being on the “open road”.  I’m ever optimistic, hopeful, and overflowing with faith!  As long as I can get a handle on my water consumption (I was over my “target” of 3 litres per day by 1.5 -2 liters) before I hit the open desert, I should be good.  There is a stretch or two where I’ll need to be at or below that (within reason) if my 4 Camelbaks are going to get me through it.  As is, to lighten/balance my load a little better, one of the things I removed this morning was my only 2 liter…  but it was necessary, and 4-6 lbs. makes a big difference!  😛  As long as I keep my walking to the cooler hours (I was trying to make up time, so even though  I skipped the “hottest” time [1330ish through 1500] I was still walking ’til it started raining, around 1945) I think it’ll be okay…  I’ll find out, one way or the other, soon enough!  LOL

Alright folks, Loved ones, Family, Friends, any and all!  🙂  Day 2 is officially over, and I’m going to get some rest and a shower (not necessarily in that order) before I get started again tomorrow morn’.  I’ll be dreaming of you tonight, and thinking of you tomorrow, all the while looking up!  Again, I’ll keep you posted and continue updating as time allows, and if you want to reach me in the meantime -and have my number- , my phone will be on between 1700-2000 Pacific Time to get messages, receive calls, etc., and will be off (typically) otherwise…  had I not been caught within city limits tonight, and in the rain, I may have kept on, been camping instead, and it might’ve been awhile before I had such an opportunity {I’m feeling more than a little Blessed, as my phone was dying at that time as well!}.  But I’m now glad I had it (I get to sleep in a BED!!!  eEYayyy!).

Life is Good, and I will be Living every moment ’til my journey is done, and then some!  😛  All I lack is…  well, I’ll get in to that another time.  Perhaps…  lol  Blessed be, and Aloha!  Namaste!  As-Alàmu Àlaykum!


Another late start, but I slept like a rock!  🙂  I’d almost forgotten the joy of having a bed to sleep on!  lol  If you’re ever going/coming through Albuquerque, the Sandia Peak Inn is a nice place to stay, right on Central Ave. SW (4614 Central Ave. SW, Albuquerque, NM 87105  (505)831-5036 ), the staff are friendly and accommodating (within reason of course), and the prices are good.  If you can find it, I HIGHLY suggest it, it’s one of the nicest Hotels I’ve frequented (and they have a heated in-door pool!  🙂

The journey continues, I’ll post again when I’m able.  Aloha!  Namaste!  As-Alàmu Àlaykum!


Hello, world!  🙂  I am taking a day of rest (go figure, on the 7th day, Saturday… easy math!  LOL) to allow a superficial -yet hindering- wound to heal a little, as my good Friend Susan helped to shave a few days off my journey, because of a troubling dream she’d had.  Do not worry, I still have a thousand + miles to go, and was in fact walking when she found me!  LOL  It was more than simple coincidence (I so dislike that word) that brought about the circumstances of her coming to check on my progress, which per her report, was better than I had thought.  My “pedometer” has been of little use, other than as a clock, as I had at the time Susan came (actually, to try and help with a strap “issue”) traveled some 40+ miles, and it had only registered 5.

I have never, would never, nor could I ever discredit visions and/or dreams, as I have seen too many of them come true, and seen the possibility(ies) of the wrong that can come from ignoring  or dismissing them.  ESPECIALLY when it comes to a woman’s intuition!  Women have always (in my opinion) had a stronger connection to Intention, or to Magick, Life, etc., as they are themselves our (man’s) connection to Mother Earth.  We (men) build, destroy, and kill, they (women) create!  They are the givers and bearers of Life, and that alone sets them in a class above!

But I digress.  I’ll do a blog on masculinity/femininity and male/female another time…

The journey is going well, I think.  As I said, I had gotten further than I had thought, and the news of that was encouraging.  One of my biggest hurdles was a part of Central Ave. (coming out of Albuquerque, NM) that they refer to as “9 mile hill”, as this stretch (for 9 miles) gradually roles up, with only the illusion you’ve gone over the last “hump” with very short down hills in between.  But I made that in a night, and a little further beyond (night of the 22nd, into the early morning of the 23rd).  I found myself unable to pitch a tent, as I was not quite far enough from the city, and decided to huddle up next to a “Control booth” just out of sight and off the main Rd. beneath the stars.  BAD idea.  I tried for more than 5 hours to get some sleep, and I might have gotten an hour total (might have) of rest.  The gentle breeze that felt nice when I stopped walking, was just enough to chill me the remainder of the morning, despite trying to use the rain-cover from my pack as a wind-breaker.

I was actually glad to see the Sun at Sunrise, and without any real rest prepared to continue ever forward.  I traveled for about 3 1/2 to 4 hours, when I needed a break, unhappy with my progress, and found a perfect set of rocks outside of a mobile home storage lot.  I had not been sitting there 5 min. when a young female employee, overzealous in her “guard” duties asked that I not tarry too long, as she had a customer coming soon, and did not want my presence to tarnish their “image”.  Mind you, I was sitting on a rock, well outside and away from the security gate of the establishment.  How my presence would have any baring on the “prestige” of this place still boggles my mind, but I was compliant, and went 100 yards or so down the road, and sat on the side of the street.

Now if you’ve ever put on a heavy backpack, you know that balance is key, and it is NOT something you want to try and do from the ground!  I at this point had little choice, and was wanting the break more than to carry on in the hope that I would find another suitable sitting rock -or something of the sort-, Heaven only knows how much further down the road (I now know it would have been a good hour or more before such a place was found).  And as the Universe would have it, as I had to take the pack off anyway, I pulled out my calendar and turned on my phone to send “The Thought Of The Day” to a friend.  (Normally, as I’ve said/posted before, my phone would not have been on for several more hours yet.)  As Destiny would have it, I was just about to send the -text- message and turn off my phone, when I got an unexpected text from Susan, saying she had taken the day off and was on her way to finding me!  Had I not had to move, the rock I was sitting upon would have lessened the time it took to (not only walk away) remove and replace the pack on my back, I would not have gotten the message when I did, and who knows what might have happened otherwise!  Don’t you just enjoy synchronicity?  🙂

Yes, EVERYTHING happens for a reason, whether we see it or not, and it is in light of such synchronicity that I am able to now offer another update to “A Journey of a Thousand Miles…” .  Life is good, and getting better each and every moment!  We have but to look around to see the Universe working to help us achieve our goals, and guiding us along a path that is meant to ensure the most is made of the Lives with which we have been so Blessed!

I may add more later, but I’m outside, and a storm is brewing, so, until next time…

Aloha!  Namaste!  As-Alàmu Àlaykum!


Hello all!!!  🙂  The journey (of course) continues!  I took today off, resting in a little Arizona town called Holbrook.  The forecast for the day called for Flash Flood warnings all along the path I follow, and being on foot, the two don’t mix well!  LOL  Besides, My feet (back, shoulders, yahda yahda) are in need of all the time they can get to heal, as I’m doing my best to not let it slow me down.

I expected there would be “pains” to go along with the journey, so I’m doing my best to take it in stride.  It has gotten easier as my body has adjusted to the daily strain, but without time off, there’s little chance for recovery!  Hehehe  And since the weather (and potential danger) afforded the opportunity, I figured it would be best to concede while I had the opportunity, as I am soon entering territory where no such luxuries will be available.  Besides, it is nice to get another shot at sleeping in a bed!  LMAO  I haven’t -until this journey began- had a bed to sleep in in over 9 months, so it has been a Blessing in disguise!  🙂  Despite the fact that my sleep has not improved, the comfort has been a welcome variation to what has been all too “normal” as of late.  Such is Life.

And I’m by no means complaining!  Just being alive is a Blessing, and we all too often (myself included) take for granted just how good we have it at times!

I got a few needed supplies as well, some New-Skin, Advil (my First Aid Kit had a couple packets, but I doubt they’ll last, as I’ve already used one of the 3 it came with…  lol) and a four-pack of small Gatorade bottles “G-2” to keep my electrolytes up while I traverse the desert landscape.  Had I not made the stop for the night, I most likely would have past the Dollar General I bought them at before they opened, or after they had closed.

I’m still trying to keep most of my walking to the early hours, and take at least an hour break between the peak heat of the day, before continuing ’til Sunset.  Assuming the weather allows.  A couple of days ago, I was done walking by 1500, because the monsoon kicked in early, and I ended up getting SOAKED!  I thought I had enough time to put my tent up before it got there, but took a few minutes too long, and ended up crouching over my stuff, tent bottom up, trying to keep my gear from getting saturated…  as soon as the winds had died enough that I wasn’t fighting that too, I quickly finished the assembly and dragged me and all my wet things into the shelter it provided.  It kinda sorta worked.  LOL  My clothes got the worst of it, and I spent a good hour using my socks as a towel, getting rid of what “excess” water I could from the inside, before unrolling my sleeping bag.  I then took all of the next morning to sun dry it all, while trying not to disturb the business that had so generously let me “camp” behind them.

From here, I move on to/through Joseph City, en route to Winslow, and from there to Leupp Corner.  The distances between are increasing, as is the concern of having the water and supplies I need, so I was grateful actually to have the time today to “stock up”.  My food is still in good supply (Yay Clif products!), and I get what “extra” carbs and protein I can -cheaply- at each new town/city I come to.  Usually just a bean burrito or something of the sort, but every little bit counts, right?

I almost forgot!  I had my first “run in” with the law yesterday!  LOL  I was -once again- forced, in lieu of the lack of Route 66, to walk along I-40, and had just taken a moment at the top of a hill to lean forward, removing the weight from it’s typical resting place on my hips and shoulders, when I heard this strange sound from behind me.  When I stood upright once more to look around, low and behold, Arizona Highway Patrol was just feet away, motioning for me to come near!

I explained that I had been on Route 66, but had been “forced” onto the freeway by a barbwire fence with a sign “PRIVATE:  U.S. Property” that I was unwilling to venture on to -not mentioning the fact I had to jump a different barbwire fence to get on the freeway- and so had no choice.  He was understanding, and reminded me that I wasn’t suppose to be walking along the freeway, despite the lack of traverse-able terrain and/or frontage road at this point of the my course, and suggested I get to the gas-station 5 miles up the road ASAP.  Now, I don’t wish to get the gentleman/officer in trouble, but his suggestion was to actually “acquire” assistance along such problematic stretches of my journey, by means and/or method that is also usually frowned upon…  I wasn’t, haven’t, and won’t do that either, but I found the situation humorous to say the least!  I kept the obvious humor in the conflict of interests to myself, and was thankful to him for not ticketing and/or arresting me, both of which he could have done had his mood been less than pleasant, and thanked him for the warning and concern… before continuing to walk along the freeway!

I suspect the situation may likely rise again, and I can’t say I didn’t expect it.  There are many parts of Route 66 that no longer exist, and/or that are now a part of I-40, so the chances are more than high that I’ll once again be marching down the freeway path, when “Johnny-Law” will come along behind me, wondering what it is I think I’m doing…  Hey, it’s not my fault this country did not consider pedestrians crossing the nation when building it’s better, faster, easier means of travel for the “general public”.  I think there should be walk-ways across the nation!  🙂

All in all though, I still feel I am doing well.  My pace isn’t yet what I’d like it to be, but it is increasing.  I continue to be Blessed in the meeting of good people, and for the time of year, great weather!  The journey itself is a Blessing, I do believe!  One I am eager to continue in the morning!  So I’ll bring this update to a close, and in so doing, thank you all who are watching/reading/following my progress!  It’s good to know there are Friends and Family out there curious and/or interested in my progress and well being!  🙂  And I shall continue to update as I am able, ’til the Journey is done.  I’m even now thinking of making this, and the other Journal(s) I’m writing a part of a book when all is said and done!  Who knows what the future may hold in store…  If things continue as they have though, whatever it is, it is bright, and full of potential, and Love!!!

‘Til next we meet…  Aloha!  Namaste!  As-Alàmu Àlaykum!


Well, I’m still in Holbrook…  The day just wasn’t going my way, as one thing after another wasn’t going right.  As I was finally ready to leave, from the very direction I was heading, I saw a Grayish/Black wall heading my way.  I literally had just enough time to get back to the Inn I was staying in, before it hit.

So, with my pocket book a little lighter, but dry, I found it easier to take the hint from the Universe, today was not the day to head for the open desert.  So, barring a repeat of today, I’ll be back on the road tomorrow morning.  🙂  All is well otherwise, I had wanted to get a start today, but again, sometimes the Universe whispers, and sometimes it SCREAMS!!  lol

Blessed be to thee all!  If I know you, I think of you daily, and you are all in my Prayers!  Later!  🙂


Hail to thee my Loved Ones, Friends, Family, and all others who may be following this blog!  🙂  Life is good, the travel is going well, and I continue to be Blessed, and truly Inspired, as the Universe and I re-build our relationship, and become closer than I before believed possible!  Yes, the Universe, the Powers that be, Heavenly Father, Mother Earth, Yahweh, Ala, by whatever means you call upon them, they speak to us often, it is merely a matter of learning to listen.  Something I thought I had been good at doing before, but have come to realize I’ve only just begun to learn!  I suppose it is a skill, like any other muscle, the more you do it, the easier it becomes, but the “small still Voice” does not shout, and one must be open to it at all times in order to catch the faintest of whispers.

Perhaps it is the isolation from others that has opened me to The Blessing of Their Voice, perhaps it is the connection I have come to feel with the Universe as the miles have increased under my feet, perhaps it is the “hardship” of this journey that has made it all possible…  I cannot say exactly.  Too many variables have changed since I began, but the obvious multitude of Blessings I’ve experienced speak volumes of the change within!

I am no greater than any other Wo/Man, all of us have the potential within us, to open ourselves to the Power(s) of Intention, to feel and hear the Voice within us that is our Spiritual guide.  We all are capable of receiving these Blessings, it is a simple matter of opening ourselves to the possibility that there are Forces greater than us at work, working with us, for us, and for the betterment of every aspect of our Lives!  And the more we do so, the more it is seen, felt, heard, experienced!

I am a Living, breathing, walking, talking testament to Their greatness, and the influence They can have on our Lives!  I have been so Blessed, words fail to describe the feeling of “Oneness” I have within me!  Connected to Life, in ALL of its forms, connected to the Spirit that moves us all!

We have become too disconnected.  We take moments for granted, and have forgotten the face of our mothers/fathers.  It is Love that unites us, and the reason that Life exists!  All of the extras come along when you open yourself to Intention.

Love.  It is the answer, and the solution to ALL of the worlds problems.  Through Love, all is overcome and conquered!  And though it seems a contradiction, you must Love yourself before you can Love an other, or any other.  The truth in this is found in the fact that you must be happy with who you are.  And if you are not happy with who you are, and what you do, this inner discord acts as a poison to all those you come in contact with, and the way you are perceived, and how you perceive others.  Once you find that inner balance, it is then that you are able share your TRUE self with others, and the infectious nature of Love overrides all other pretenses, connecting you once more to the very Power that created us all, and all that is Living and Natural!

I am readying myself to leave Flagstaff, from here on out the journey is down hill!  🙂  There are yet hurdles I must overcome, but the Joy of Life that I have found makes everything a little -or a lot- easier!  🙂

I was Blessed, while leaving Joseph City, AZ {I had stopped to let the heat of the day pass, and was contemplating whether I should carry on a little further or wait, as the truck-stop I was at was the only thing around for miles}, to meet a Truck Driver who was curious about what I was doing with such a weighty pack.  I explained my journey, and he offered to take me to Flagstaff (as he was headed to Southern CA himself), to which I thanked him for the generous offer, but I would be happy just with being dropped off at Winslow, where I would have stopped for the day before heading to Flagstaff.

I was not expecting the offer, but that “still small Voice” rather loudly hinted to me that I should accept the offer.   As we loaded my bag into the truck, a look to the sky bore little indication of “bad weather”, so I was asking myself why it was I was doing such a thing, as I’ve actually begun to look forward to each step I take along my path!  🙂

Now, as a side note, having been a truck driver, and in the presence of a driver who has been as such for 15 years, it is a “natural” habit to look at every sign along the freeway, every mile marker, for these things are a truck drivers compass, and not only provide direction, but clue us in as to where we are and what’s ahead.

Winslow, AZ was -at the time we got on the Freeway- 20 or so miles ahead, and there SHOULD have been signs not only indicating our proximity to Winslow, but as there is usually, signs that also let you know which exit (and how many of them) will take you there.  Between the two of us, neither saw a single one!

It had started raining (I presume) before we got to where Winslow should have been, but not enough to impair our vision -yet-, and we saw no such indication of having past it up.  But it became obvious that we had passed it, and the only option  was to carry on to Flagstaff.  No sooner had we realized this fact, the rain did become rather heavy.  A few minutes later, it was replaced by a near blinding dust storm!  Several minutes after that, another Rainstorm came our way!

If that isn’t enough to display the level of Blessings I’ve received thus far, As I got on-line today, I discovered from a friend (thank you again Susan!) that the day I would have been in Winslow, there was a Prison break and the 3 fugitives were at large, IN WINSLOW!  (People walking slowly with 80-115 lb. packs on their back(s) tend to make easy targets…)

I cannot say what might have befallen me, had I faced the elements that -unknowingly ’til after the fact- threatened to engulf me had I been out and about, instead of mistakenly being driven through and behind them.  I cannot say that I would have been a target for the escaped felons…  I can say, that the Blessing of having been given a ride, further than was expected, eliminated the possibility of a LOT of things that could have gone wrong, from having the chance to do so.  And having been on the receiving end of Murphy’s Law more than once, removing things from the realm of possibility -as it pertains to things that can go wrong- is indeed, a Blessing!

And once more, those I have met while camping at the KOA here have all been good people!  Alex and his wife Sue, and children Alexis and Austin.  Ray, a wandering man himself, Jacques, who is traveling to Rhode Island to deliver some things to a friend, and returning to Phoenix with more of his own “stuff”, Mitch, a Canadian on his way to Sturgis(?) for a Bike rally, David, a man with a beautiful wife and two daughters of his own, whose Life has been distinctly familiar to my own!

I met Dave before heading up Elden Mountain, a peak behind the KOA here in Flagstaff.  I knew the instant we spoke that we had more in common than I knew at that moment.

And the climb up to the top of Elden Mountain was AMAZING!  9200+ ft. at the top, the view afforded me of not only where I’d been, but where I’m headed, was not only Inspirational, but breathtaking as well!  I ran out of film in my camera before I was able to take the pictures I wanted to!  LOL  It was a great experience, one I’d like to share in the future!

Life, the Universe, Heavenly Father/Mother Earth, they act in mysterious ways!  Yet when we open ourselves to their Loving guidance, not only do things seem to all fall in to place, but they all begin to make a little more sense!  A Blessing in and of itself, given the chaos that surrounds the daily Lives of any of us who dwell within the realms of “modern society”.

I’m still not sure what will be found at the end of this journey.  But I am sure that I am being Watched over, that the Blessings of the Powers that be have greatly influenced my Life, enriched and protected me, and have and/or are making sure that this journey is safe, and enlightening!  I thought I had Faith before I left, and have discovered along the way a Faith beyond my imagining!  I’ve said this before, we are none of us promised tomorrow, but every moment of this journey, I have Lived, and discovered within me not only a strength I didn’t know I had, but a Faith in Life and Love {to me, the same as any naming convention for the “Powers that be”} I didn’t know was possible!

I believe I will complete this journey, and I Pray to do so on or around the Birthday of a very special young miss, one whom I’d like one day to call my own, and have again call me “Daddy”.  Whether that becomes a part of my future or not, my goal is the same, and the Love for which I do it, grows stronger every breath I take!

I Pray all is well with all of you, and that Life offers all your hearts desire!  Until next we meet/chat/type…

Aloha!  Namaste!  As-Alàmu Àlaykum!


Just a quickie…  {Yeah, right…  me, quick with words???  😛  LMAO}  I stopped at the Pilot [a truck stop, for those who may not know] in Bellemont, half way to my next stop (Parks, AZ), and I’m very glad I did!!  Once again, -or, perhaps I should say, as has been the case since I began this Blessed Journey– the Universe is looking out for me!  I was going to just keep walking, I wanted to get past Parks, and be on my way to Williams, AZ before my day was done, but as I drew closer, the “urge” to stop increased, so once more, I listened.  What was just going to be a stop for some protein before continuing on, turned out to be a stop for a Shower and Laundry!  Why you may ask?  Well, because the next opportunity I’ll have for either is near a week away, at my current pace, and it had already been near a week for laundry, and 3 days since my last shower!  So all things considered, it was an ample opportunity, that I could not pass up, once I knew the reason for the urgency of my stopping!

I have been (once more) truly Blessed!!!  🙂  As I was yesterday, though it did not seem to be as such at the time…

I have been “on my way” to Parks for 2 1/2 days now, and should have (given ideal circumstances of course) been there at least a day and a half ago…  But as I rose yesterday morning, from my Freeway “hideaway” from the night before, (this was around 0630) I suddenly had the inclination that I should hurry up a bit.  So I did.

As I rose from the tent, and began breaking it down, a look skyward showed only clouds, but as it had rained most of the night before, I figured they -the clouds- were just lingering and would burn off, as had been the case, and my experience thus far while in the Southwest, though I attempted to keep a good pace at my “packing efforts”.  As I finished up, again, I was Inspired, this time to put the rain-cover over my pack…  Again, I questioned the “Thought”, as it had not in all my time in the “Southwest desert” rained so much consecutively.  But nonetheless, I listened, albeit perplexed, at the seemingly pointless sense of urgency/haste.

Eager to move on, I heaved “the monster” on my back, and headed on down the freeway.  I no sooner began, the drizzle followed.  I now began to wonder if I should stop to put on my poncho as well, but the immediate thought I had to my silent question, was “No, HURRY!”

Knowing better than to question, I did so.  And as I came up over a hill, I saw ahead of me an underpass… (See where this is going?  LOL)  As I came up over this hill, and spied the underpass, the drizzle slowly began to increase in force…  “Hurry!!”  Said the Voice…  And I did…

As I I reached the underpass (quite literally) it began to pour as I’ve not seen it do since I began my journey, and continued to do so (at near the same drenching velocity and intensity, though occasionally it actually got worse, and on a few even more rare occasions let up) for the ENTIRE DAY!!!  Another thing I’ve not seen since being back in the Southwest!  Just as the Sun began to set over the horizon, making it too dark for me to move on, and the ground being too wet for me to even bother trying to find a different location for shelter (as I had to pack wet gear that morning, from the rain of the night before), so I experienced my first night sleeping up in the nook found in most of the under/overpasses used on our great freeway system!

The few times it let up throughout the day, I did have the desire to press on, not only being frustrated by the delay (the first time the Rain actually lessened -instead of getting worse- was over 6 hours later, and I had begun walking around 0745) but there is not a lot of room for sitting, and certainly not enough for standing, however dry it may have been -and it was-.  So I asked a silent question, hoping, Praying to continue my journey, to which the response I got was…  “Patience is a virtue, wait a little while longer, son of man.” So I did, and sure enough, within minutes of having let up -and providing me hope for continuance of my journey- it began again to pour as it had, now most of the day!  Each time it let up, I asked the same question, “Now may I continue?”  And each time, the response was the same.  As was the resulting Rain, until it became too late to move forward.

Synchronicity, Providence, Inspiration, even Divine Intervention, are beginning to be inadequate terms for the Journey I’ve had thus far!!!  😛

So, though my progress has been less than desirable per “my own” schedule, and it now seems I will arrive at my destination much later than I had planned -at present, it appears I may not arrive until the middle of September, instead of the end of this month-, I cannot deny that the Universe, the Power(s) that be, -and all other aliases by which we call upon Them- have peen pouring the Blessings upon me (no pun intended… okay, yes it was… LOL), and I am ever Grateful, and more thankful than words can express for the Intervention(s) I have experienced!

I am not sure at the moment why such delays (other than the obvious) have been necessary, and though they were not planned for, and have hurt my “financial preparedness” more than a little, I doubt not the source(s) of these delays, and am happy to take the time to update everyone as I wait for my laundry to dry.  Which -unbeknown to me ’til this very morning- I would not have had another opportunity to do until ALL my laundry was dirty, and I stank enough to keep everything at a great distance away, had I not made an unscheduled stop at a Pilot in a town I didn’t even know existed per “my itinerary”, some 100+ miles away in Kingman, AZ, the next city along my route that has a truck stop with Shower/Laundry facilities.  (There are other cities along my path, but per a “truck stop guide” I just happened to look at soon after I arrived here this morning, though other “fuel stops” exists, none with the Laundry/Shower facilities I have since taken advantage of.)

My Faith has been increased to the “N”th degree, and any doubts I may have had that the time was right to begin this journey now have been stripped away!  For I have not before in my Life experienced such a magnificent level of “Connectivity”, and were things not as they were -indeed- TRULY meant to be, I doubt such synchronicity would/could be possible, and -by me at least, until this journey began- even less imaginable!  😀

So my Loved Ones, Family, Friends, and any/all others that happen upon this ever increasing text, know that I think of you often, Love and miss you all, and continue ever forward upon this most Blessed experience!  My Journey of a Thousand Miles, as so Inspired by The Life and Love I so desire, and Believe shall be found upon it’s conclusion, when I arrive in Woodland, CA, some 800+ miles in the future!  🙂

I doubt no longer that this journey was meant to be, nor that now is the time it was intended to be done!  Doing so would -in my humble opinion- deny the very Forces that have guided me thus far, and increased my Faith in Them, to levels I did not before imagine were possible!  Despite having always been a man of Faith!  Life is wonderful, full of surprises, and I am humbled daily by the Love I am discovering!  It is a Blessing beyond compare, to be so Connected, and to be capable of Connecting, to That which wishes only to nurture us, and guide us through our Lives, that we may become all that we are intended to be!

And on that note, until next I am able…  🙂

I Love you all!!  Aloha!  Namaste!  As-Alàmu Àlaykum!


Well, I’m West of Williams, AZ now, on my way to the long hauls…  20 miles between me and the next town, Ash Fork, then +/- 20 miles to Seligman, and it only gets worse from there (mileage wise) until I get passed Barstow, CA -with the exception of Nelson, AZ to Truxton, AZ, only a 15 mile gap- so I’m done with the altitudes, (currently at or above 9000+ ft.) and heading in to the long flat stretches of desert.  My Prayer is that, as there will not be the same extreme(s) in climbing, that the more level ground will prove a more quickly traversed expanse of land…  but we shall see!

I continue to be Blessed on my short stops in meeting good people, and to my surprise and delight, an increasing number of people interested in following my journey through this blog!  😛  The support and Friendship I’ve been shown along the way has been enough to take me through another 1000 miles!  LOL  ….Just Kidding…  😀

I am “officially” 1/3 of the way through, and as every step remains to be Blessed, my resolve and determination grows ever deeper!  I’m finding even during my sleepless nights -as last night was, for some reason- that I get up with new found Hope, a greater Faith, and more energy to carry on than I should rightly have!  LOL

My journey began for Love, and has shown me along the way a greater Lovingkindness than I once believed possible, having at one point lost my “faith” in the Human Spirit…  but no more!  🙂  There IS still goodness in this world, and good people, willing and wanting to do nothing more than spread the Joy, they themselves have found through the simple Living of Life, as opposed to the “existing”, we all too often tend to settle for!  So much more good exists than bad, and is so easily found, if we can just pull ourselves from the rut the “media mainstream” would have us succumb to.  The happiness that is, could flourish in ALL our Lives, and be visible every turn we take, instead of the “dread-doom-&-gloom” that seems to be so much more popular!

Don’t allow yourselves to be consumed by the “pop” culture that has turned a deaf ear and blind eye to the greatness of the people as a whole!  We all have the opportunity, to see the Silver lining of every cloud, or pass on the glum report of yet more rain…  Life itself is a Blessing, each and every moment!  And we can either share in the delight and Joy of these Blessed moments, or complain about what isn’t present, or what we don’t like, and wallow in the misery that has devoured the “Public” conscience.

We are capable of ANYTHING if we set our minds to it, and ANYTHING is possible, if we could simply stop limiting ourselves by negative, narrow, and self-centered thinking!  The Universe is waiting for us to wake up from our mental slumber(s), to awaken to the possibility(ies) that lie just beyond the limits we’ve set upon ourselves!

There is no greater Joy found than that of sharing TRUE Love, and in the sharing no greater reward, than the giving without expectation!  😛  Try sharing a smile, and see how contagious it is… then examine the way you feel afterwords, having spread a little happiness through the simple act of smiling!!  It’s that easy!!!

Life is SO Blessed, and if we open ourselves to this reality, we invite nothing but Blessings in return for the Blessings we share with others!  Selflessly, for one another, imagine…  6,000,000,000+ people, doing for each other, instead of themselves…  What Wonders could be found!!!

And it all begins with but one step!!  🙂  Onward, and Westward, it is soon time that I part, and continue my journey anew this day!  I miss and think of you ALL often, and Pray and Wish for nothing less, than your complete and utter Happiness, having found the true meaning of Love, Life, and Joy, through the sharing of Lovingkindness for the betterment of others and self, in every moment, of every beautiful new day!!  😀

Aloha!  Namaste!  As-Alàmu Àlaykum!

—Later that day—

Hail to thee all!  Well, if this wasn’t a sign from above, I don’t know what is…  LOL

I was peaceably walking down I-40, as Route 66 had once again disappeared, as had any possible “Frontage Road” or the like, and I finally found my rhythm!  I don’t know what it was that sparked, but it finally clicked!  So I’m cruisin’ down the Freeway, feeling good, I’d found my balance!  -In walking with an overweight pack…  Love still eludes me!  LOL-  But I felt in tune, I was moving, grooving, …and an Arizona HP pulls in front of me…   Dun…dun…DUUHHHN!!!

LMAO!  😛  I, as before, had to explain that I have been following -as best I could- Route 66, and the Officer understood, and then proceeded to TELL me he was going to give me a ride!!!

Well, in fact, he didn’t have room in the back of his car, so he called someone who was behind him, and he had room, so I got a “Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200, Go directly to wherever the nice Officer takes you!” card, and had no choice but to smile and accept thankfully!  😛

The other Officer…  I don’t recall his name… -shame on me! 😛 –  had an empty back seat, and plenty of trunk space for my pack, and everything in my pockets…  he was a little more concerned about my being a “criminal” than his predecessor, and insisted I empty my pockets, put them in a bag -I supplied the bag-, and then patted me down before we moved along…

Hard Plastic seats in a Cop’s car are NOT comfortable, no matter the distance!  LOL  So, I was told I was being given a ride to Seligman…  and to Seligman we went!  …It was weird being in the Cop Car, passing all the other Cars, instead of being in one of the Cars being passed…  🙂  And he wasn’t the most engaging individual, he wanted to make sure I knew about the law(s) that had been broken, and I could have been ticketed, or arrested, had he not been off-duty… (on…off-duty…  lol)

So the “subject” sat in the back of the car, and listened politely, and tried to interject whenever possible… and then it hit me!  I should’ve grabbed my Camera!!!  How great would it have been, to have a picture, of the AZ landscape, passing me by, through the barred backseat windows of a Cop Car!!!???!!!  He couldn’t stop (I asked), ” ’cause then he would have to call it in…. and since he was off-duty, he only wanted to take me where he was taking me.  I could take plenty of Pictures once I got to Seligman…”

“The subject” had to chuckle at himself, without seeming too suspicious, as the photo would have been PRICELESS!!!  :-p  Ahhh, hindsight…  As the saying goes, “…there’s no turning back now.”  The Officer suggested I take a break, as 1500-1700 was the “heat of the day”, and I tended to agree…  (I don’t often argue with Law Enforcement…  lol)  so I found a spot outside of a Restaurant/Tourist Shop where I could take off my pack, and sit in the shade.

And then along came Elizabeth…  Elizabeth herself is on a journey, back to the Bay Area, from TX, where she would like to be still, but matters that need her attention call her back to CA.  She was at first intrigued by my pack, and then about my journey, and she had mentioned the fact that she would like company to help keep her awake to Kingman, the next city on my list (and the next location where I can take a shower, clean clothes, that sort of thing), a place I didn’t expect to see for another 4-5 days…  And then SHE offered to give me a ride, if I would help to keep her awake along the way, as she had intended on stopping here for the night (before completing the journey West and North, as she didn’t want to drive at night -she was already getting tired- and didn’t know if she could make it to CA before nightfall.  Out of the blue, and already “grounded” by the nice Officer who let me go, I found it hard to say no.  After all, being positive, and saying “Yes” more often, and “No” less, is a part of the Power of Intention…  🙂

As it turned(s) out, she too has a Blog on WordPress, and was very interested in keeping up with my Blog, and my Poetry, so I gave her my info, as we parted in Kingman, after she bought me (unsolicited mind you…) my favorite at Denny’s, the Sausage Gravy and Biscuits with an Egg off of their $2 menu!  🙂  I only thought I was paying for my food…  lol

I haven’t yet mentioned, as I did not find out until I was packed up and ready to leave the Denny’s this day began from (more or less, I was camped a little down the hill from them), that after encountering and having a good bit of conversation with Graham and his son Malcolm -from Canada-, (forgive me if the spellings aren’t right), that he had bought my breakfast for me!!  Thank you Graham, I Pray your day at the Grand Canyon was pleasant, and full of the wonder and awe Inspiring beauty that sight has claim to, and so rightfully so!  And may your journey back home be Safe and Pleasant as well!

So, after finally finding “my groove” as I walked down the freeway, it only ended up costing me one thing…  the Walking Stick Susan had given me…  😥  (Sorry Susan…)  It was a great Stick, and was with me 400+ miles of my journey, and it now rests in Seligman… I Pray it goes to another traveler, one I hope was/is more in need of it than I…  I miss it already, and give it at least partial credit for helping me to find my rhythm!  It will be difficult, if not impossible to replace.

And now, near the close of this Crazy Blessed day, I was forced by an anonymous group of Women, survivors of abuse, to accept a little Charity from them, as they admired, and are in support of the shirt I wear, in admonition of Domestic Violence!  We all CAN make a difference, even if by only wearing a t-shirt!  🙂

So Blessed once more, I barely feel worthy of the Gifts given me this day… and regret the loss of another…  Nothing, is free I suppose, except Love… though that too, depending on which side of the conversation you’re on, can -and has- be/been argued.

But, if we listen, we can yet learn.  And if we can learn, there is yet Hope that we are not doomed, as the naysayers would have us believe!  For it is easy to give up, takes courage to carry on, regardless of the outcome, because it is Right that we do so!  And SO much Joy, and Love can be found, if we but take a moment, and listen, and sometimes acknowledge, that all is as it should be, and we ourselves are responsible for the outcome of our Lives, no matter how hard we try, there is no one else to blame…  I Love Life, and I am eternally Grateful for ALL I have been given, and Pray only that I may share the Joy I’ve found in this Life with as many others as I am able, that they too may reap the benefits of the Universal Lovingkindness that tries so hard to please us all…  To shareThis I think is the greatest Gift of Love!  The Sharing of it, not the reception of it alone, but the SHARING!  Having another, who understands the deep, and personal, and eternal, and Universal meaning of Love, and is not only willing but able to share it in all its glory!  Such is the quest of Life.  Some will find these Blessed mates, many will search, and the Blessed few get more than one chance at it… I’ve been so Blessed!  There is Life yet to Live though…  and as much of a hopeless romantic, and optimist, as I am, I am still a realist because of the Life I’ve Lived, and in so much a conflict remains.  I’ve little doubt that with the Blessings I’ve found along the way, the answer(s) to my questions will be answered, only in the order I need them answered, not necessarily as I would like them to be…  and Life will continue, in all of it’s Glorious Splendor, regardless of what the answers are.  And all will be well!!  🙂  Patience is a virtue!  Something else I thought I knew more about than I did, only to find I didn’t know the half of it!  LOL

We don’t always get what we want, but we’re always given what we need!  😀  Ironically, knowing this, does not remove all the fear that goes along with the unknown…

I’ve said this before, but it deserves repeating…  All too often, we take for granted the moments we are given.  And, also too often we miss the moment entirely!  Caught up in worries about things that truly don’t matter, we forget -or ignore- the fact until it is too late, that it is the little things that make the biggest impact, and we fail to realize what we have, or its value, until it is no longer there!

Life is full of so many -potentially- Beautiful moments!  It doesn’t take a degree to enjoy the Life that surrounds us!  It takes an openness to the Joy found in sharing those moments, to truly appreciate what is or can be, the happiest moments in the Life shared with another!

The happiest moment in my Life, to date, was a moment in a park, with the Woman of my Dreams in one arm, her beautiful daughter in the other, lying under a tree!  It only lasted about 1/2 an hour or so, but it by far, in all of its simplicity, has/holds more meaning to me than every other -individual- memory I have!!  Had I died in that moment, I would have “gone on” as the happiest man alive!  And I knew it then!  Yet, now that it is all but a dream, it means even more.  Such a beautiful, pure, rare, pause in “time”, so often seen as insignificant, counts -for me- as a moment I’d do anything possible to have once more!  That “chance” may never come again…  Who knows… not me!  All I seem to be sure of any more is this journey, and that my Life will begin anew at its end… one journey ending, another beginning, as is the way of the world.  It is the journey that matters, the doing that defines us… not point “a”, or point “b”, but the distance between, and how we choose to get there.  Honestly, slowly, one step at a time, with our Hearts and Minds open, or the way it’s “always” done, quick, easy, and with the least amount of disturbance to our “normal” Lives as possible…

We each decide.  Often, Right, is not easy.  But if you believe in “Right” or “Wrong”, in the Grand Scheme of things, Right is ALWAYS the most rewarding, regardless of the “immediate” results.  I do!  And I’ve found even the quick-fixes are anything but, as it more often than not leads to greater problems than if the proper time had been taken to deal with “whatever” the situation is initially.  “Haste makes waste!”  🙂  (Ask anyone who’s ever worked in a kitchen!  LOL)

Yes, all this CAN be tied in to my update!  LOL  {Obviously, walking has afforded me PLENTY of time to think!  LMAO}  Our Lives, come down to the choices we make.  Deciding to half-heartedly smile and perhaps nod, versus taking the time to say “Hello!” to a stranger, could make the difference between day and night, for your, OR their Lives!  And we don’t often get to know!   But occasionally, our choices have such a profound impact, that the slightest variance in “timing”, or posture, or words chosen, can be seen as ripples that have a lasting affect on the REST of our Lives!  And we don’t get to know, until after the fact.  Until the choice has been made, the time “passed”, posturing done and words already spoken, and the results are what we find, not the stones that created the ripple, or the tidal wave, but the aftermath, the chain effect as a result, instead of the process.

In the moment, we lose sight of the before and after…  and it is in the moment, that we matter most!  Love DOES conquer all!!!  There is no question, that Love is not the answer to, and/or part of the solution.  We are bound only by the limitations we set upon ourselves!  Love,  can either tear us apart, or bring us together, in such a myriad of ways!  Is the glass half empty, or half full?  Do we take the time, or throw it away? Is the Promise of Eternal Love worth the sacrifice(s), or too much trouble, to much to ask for?

It is all a matter of whether we accept the Love offered, the challenge, and the difficulty of maintaining it, reaping the rewards of those glorious “single” moments!  Or reject it, deny it’s growth, refusing the effort and take the easy way out, claiming any of a million man made excuses as to why it “couldn’t” work, when the reality is we didn’t want to put forth the effort, or take the time to see it through, wanting  instead the “fast food” version of Love… interchangeable, indiscernible, not worthy of the time it takes to write about, as, when it gets cold, or doesn’t turn out exactly the way we want(ed) it, it is more easily and “tastefully” replaced than reheated or corrected!  And with less effort, it is great for the “Couch Potato” mentality we as a society seem so eager to embrace!

Well, enough of my rambling thoughts for the moment…  as I was no longer welcome to walk I-40 earlier, I am no longer a “welcome” guest at this Denny’s… A theme for the day???  😛  I’ve been here too long, despite  continued -albeit small- purchases, and to quote a good tune, “…Can’t you read the sign?”  Life/Love vs. Corporate greed/politics… who will win in the end?  😛

I know the answer, but like everyone else, we must wait to see how it all turns out…  LOL  Until next time…

Aloha!  Namaste!  As-Alàmu Àlaykum!


Love:  the unconditional giving of oneself for the sake/benefit of another.  That is probably the “easiest” definition, and most accurate, as far as I am “quickly” able to so define.  It is a “simple” thing, Love.  Or should be.  And it is for that which this Journey began.  If any of you reading this now have read my Blog on Love, you know that I believe Charity, is the root of Love.  And for me, that means there is no greater cause, or motivation, or reason for doing anything!  You see, to me, this fact dictates, that irregardless of whether or not you expect (or would like to have) Love -or anything else- in return, you do it anyway!  Because in order to receive Love, you must first GIVE Love.

For me, that not only implies, but directs me to act, in such a manner, that I give, without the expectation of something, or anything, in return!  If you expect it, it may not happen anyway.  But if you give without expectation, and you do get Love back, how Blessed thou art in that moment!  🙂

What is the point you may ask?  Well, it is this…  I’ve been called a fool, a hopeless romantic, more words than I can keep track of actually!  LOL  But it matters less to me what People say, vs. what they do.  And that includes myself!  A little odd, coming from someone who thinks/believes/feels that words are not only important, but should not be said if they are not understood and/or meant, yet it remains true that actions, speak louder than words!  If you need proof, compare the words of ANY politician, to what s/he actually does!

Again, I digress…  I am about to begin (after finishing laundry, sewing a hole in my tent, etc.) on what may be the most dangerous part of my journey, as I head across the open desert, into what some have so deemed the “Bad-lands” of Southern California.  And in no way am I unaware that my very Life is/may be in peril.  So why would I do such a thing, if the Love for which the Promise was made -to make this Journey of a Thousand Miles- is no longer a “part” of the “deal”?  Simple.  Because I made a Promise to do so.  Out of Love.  Regardless of the outcome, whether it is returned or not, whether I survive or not, is not the point.  Out of Love, and for Love, I made a Promise, and for the Love out of which I made such a Promise, I can do no less.

Hopeless Romantic, fool, “crazy man with a death wish”, dreamer, I’ve even been called an idiot.  Perhaps I am.  But at the end of the day, I have to be able to look myself in the proverbial mirror… and if I don’t like what I see, I can expect no one else to either!  And if I was unwilling to perform this simple task -no, I’m not saying walking 1000 miles is easy, but walking is easier than say, moving a mountain with a plastic spoon…  lol- for the one thing I believe in more than everything else of this world {that would be Love}, then what right would I have to say or do anything else that relates to Love?  If I, a self titled Author and Poet, am not true to the very words I use to express myself, what good are the words I use at all?  And how could I expect anyone else to mean what they say, if I myself did not?  The very meaning of Life and Love themselves, are defined by the words we use!  We give them meaning, we define, and we interpret, we decide what is REAL, and what is not.

Words are a very powerful thing!!  And it is we who decide what and/or how much meaning they have when we speak/write them.  Truth, Love, Forever, Eternity, Life, Promise, these are just words, like every and any other, until or unless we empower them with meaning, with intention, with the desire for them to be so!  They define us, not the other way around.

I’ve things yet to do before I continue my journey this morning…  I Love, think of, and thank you all for everything you’ve said, and/or done for/to me!!  😀  There are yet an endless number of possibilities as to how my journey may end, but along the way I have been Blessed to this very moment with more than I could ever repay, to the “Universe” and all who have been a part of it with me!

May the future Bless you all with all the Love and Happiness that can be found!  And until next time…

Aloha!  Namaste!  As-Alamu ‘Alaykum!


{ -Preface-  To any who have attempted to contact me via my phone, I apologize!  Service was cut off, and I’m attempting to rectify the situation presently.  Until the situation is resolved, however, my Blog will be all that I have as a means of communicating with you…  Please forgive the inconvenience, and I Pray that I have not worried anyone too much! }

I’m HOME!!!  😀  Well, sort of… I’ve made it to CA anyway!  The only State I’ve ever called home, and the State in which I shall reside (if I have “my” way) hereafter!

I’m not yet “Home”, for that shall be when I arrive in Woodland, whatever I find when I get there, it is where the Universe and my Dreams have told me the rest of my Life will begin!  It is where I intend on being from, growing roots, etc.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but it is the only place I’ve ever been, where I’ve had such a feeling of “belonging”, like I’ve been there before, (and until this time last year, I hadn’t), of comfort and familiarity, it felt -when last I was there- more like “home” than anywhere else I’ve been in my short Lifetime, to include growing up as a child, with my Parents!  The People -those I met, and just passed by as well-, the “atmosphere”, everything about Woodland just felt right!  Like I had been there before, like I had been there all of my Life!

But the State of California has always been where I’m from!  Ask anyone who has heard me rant about the
State, (And I’ve done -and do- it often!  lol) I’ve yet to find anything “negative” to say about it!  🙂  It is the place of my Birth, where -still- most of my Life has been Lived, and -as far as I can tell- the place where I’m meant to stay!  There is little that CA lacks, and it is rather “calming” to me, knowing not only that I’ve made it this far, but that I am here, at all.  California!

“Home”, where ever that may be for “whoever” you are, has the “magick” ability to provide you with that sense of calm, of Peace, comfort, and well being!  That is just a part of what I feel here!  This is where I belong!!  LOL  Everywhere I’ve ever been, I’ve always been that “weird” Californian, the “California boy”, and for many, the information alone that I’m “originally” from CA has explained a lot for them!  LMAO  {I’ve always found that last one amusing!  As I see myself -really- as being “just like everyone else”, I smile and sometimes chuckle a little that the place of my Birth makes “who I am” click and ring true for others.  As if Californians were “different” from everyone else…  😛  Who knows, perhaps “we” are!  lol}

At any rate, I am currently in Needles, CA, and alive, and -though my feet may argue- healthy, and doing well!  🙂  These last few days, I pushed them (my feet) harder than I have before, as I found somewhere passed Kingman, AZ that my survival depended on getting passed and out of the heat, that has been in the 100’s everyday, and at best upper 70’s at night (not including humidity, which for the “typical” desert weather has been unusually high as of late) for the lows!

The peril(s) I spoke of before have not only hindered me, but added a sense of dread to my conscience mind!  I found early on, that not only has the lack of “cover” from the Sun created a dilemma in seeking shelter during the day, but the heat is near impossible to sleep through!  Even in the shade, at a temperatures in the 100’s sleep is near impossible!  And if there is anything more dangerous to me than dehydration, it is exhaustion and fatigue!  Normally, I’m the one who says “we sleep too much”, or “I’ll get plenty of sleep when I’m dead!”, hahaha…  Well, I’ve also not before in my Life, put my body through such strenuous activities on a daily basis, sweat so much, and “needed” sleep as much as I have since this journey began.  Truly, there IS benefit to sleep, I know this now!  Having not ever been so physically demanded upon by my Life before, (though I’ve always been active) I’d not before actually been in a situation, as I am now -at least not consistently- where sleep is a necessity, as the body needs the time to rest and heal, and the mind a chance to be inactive.

Before, I’d laughed at the effects of “Sleep Deprivation”, amused by the foggy mind, and the “silliness” which often ensues because of it.  I now understand more clearly, under given circumstances, it can be not only a detriment, but if unchecked, lethal if not taken seriously enough!  So I shall make a concerted effort to not make light of “necessary” sleep, though in a less physically demanding environment, I will (I’m sure… LOL) still strive to sleep only as much as is needed.

And for the most part, that is how I’ve been doing it.  I let my body tell me when (approximately) it’s time to sleep, and for how long… though until this last part of my journey, it was more easily done.  Day and Night (when NOT walking through the middle of the open desert) are pretty easy to use as guides, wake when the Sun rises, sleep sometime after it goes down.  Simple when the Sun is guiding your actions.  When you try to reverse it, THAT’s when it gets tricky!  lol

As I left Kingman for Oatman, AZ (I think… the cities I’ve been through are beginning to blur, as are the days and all other measurements of time!  And I don’t have my “itinerary” with me at the moment… LOL) The heat during the daylight hours was going to make travel difficult, and as I was at a truck stop (Crazy Fred’s, specifically…  A good group of people work there, and were more than gracious with their hospitality! {Elizabeth, Jason, Jesse & his girlfriend Kim, Sherrie(?), Tammy, Al and his wife (Sorry Al, I don’t recall her name ;-( ) who were customers, but kind and generous none the less, and to all others whom I met there and did not include, my apologies!  Lack of sleep that day and a half -and a couple nights before then as well- kept the brain a little fuzzy!  LOL} I took refuge from what was left of the days heat, slept there that night (restlessly, I think I only “slept” about 2 1/2, maybe 3 hrs out of an attempted 8-9 hours…) and waited out the heat of the Sun as it rose and fell once more, leaving that night.

As previously mentioned, the humidity was worse than it’s been, but without having to battle the Sun as well, the “muggy” feeling wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  So, on I trod, walking through the entire night for the first time since I started.  It wasn’t so bad, I was actually on Route 66, so traffic was next to non-existent (if memory serves, I was only passed by 2 vehicles the entire evening).

As the Sun rose, my lack of sleep from the night before began to take its toll…  And to make matters worse, there was next to nothing to find for shade.  I was able to find a couple of bushes which -I hoped- would provide shade as the Sun traveled East to West, first one, and then the other, with only a brief pause as the Sun was directly over head.  And they did, but as the temperature didn’t fall far below 80 the night before, it didn’t take long for the temperature that day to become uncomfortable, to say the least!  [Per the “weekly” forecast I had checked before leaving my last WiFi spot, every day for the next 8 days, would top out over 100 degrees (Fahrenheit), and not fall below 75-80 degrees.]  I attempted the entire day to sleep, and was unable to get more than half an hour or so at a time, nearly the entire day, while several times I just laid in my sweat for an hour or more tossing and turning, attempting comfort any way I could think of!  Or, getting tired of doing that, I would get out of the tent, “dry off” in the breeze and shade, and try again!  To make matters worse, I was now going through my next days water, just to try and recoup what I was losing trying to sleep.  Which means I would need twice as much water to get through any given “segment” of the journey ahead…

Miserable and exhausted, as the Sun began to set, I tried considering  how much more of this I could take, as I know/knew that the desert ahead would provide even less “vegetation” for shelter!  ( I am still contemplating the survivability of such conditions…)  I “slumbered” a few minutes more, and was brought back to reality by the sound of someone calling out to “…the person in the tent!”  Somewhat startled, but definitely alert, I put on my “shower shoes” and stumbled in to the light and heat, to find Al (a gentleman who, with his wife, frequented the truck stop I was at the day before) in his truck on the road I was traveling and camping near!

He had heard me relay my story more than once, and figured I was the only guy silly/crazy enough to be camping along that stretch of Route 66, and offered to take me the rest of the way to and through Oatman (8 or 10 miles of windy, uphill and downhill switchbacks without a shoulder to walk upon, as I would find out, and also NOT a place I would want to try and get water, as I also found out, which was in fact my plan…) and to a place I would have simply passed on by otherwise -before I got to Oatman- to get some “good” water!

Initially, when he had made the offer to give me a ride back at the truck stop, I had respectfully declined, determined to get as much walking done as I could while there was Route 66 to be walked.  After having -at that time- gone nearly 2 days without sleep, I was not as willing to say no a 2nd time!  So I hurriedly gathered my tent and the belongings within, put them in the back of his truck, and thanked the Universe once more for it’s divine presence within my Life!  As we drove, I found out about the Water shack where most of the locals got there water (something like 30 gallons for a quarter…  but it was timed, so you had to have whatever you were filling ready!  WOW!), and of the problem I would have trying to get water in Oatman, as I would have arrived there that evening, low on water, without the ability to get it, and not wanting to have done so had I been able to!  And as we drove through Oatman, I could see why…  it is nothing more than a tourist trap of a town, closed after 16-1700, (4 or 5p.m.) where donkeys (during the day) roam the streets all day -evident by the manure littering the streets- looking for handouts from the locals and tourists who pass through!  {From what Al said, regularly the town is packed during business hours!  As we drove through shortly before sundown, it looked more like a ghost town, without a single sign of Life…}

Al took me to a spot just passed where Route 66 split off from a main road going (for me) the wrong way, and he turned around for home, leaving me just enough time to pack my tent and “things” up before the Sun set, and the next leg of my journey began…

Still tired, but now with good water in all but one of my camelbaks (I had filled all four, but shortly after Al left I discovered one of them had [has] a leaking crack in it, and had to empty and pack it) and a renewed sense of Wonder at the Glory of the Powers that be, as it was Purely -and Truly- Destiny that he just happened to glance over and see my tent as he drove by!

All but hidden by the bushes from the road, unless you just happened to glance that direction as you passed, the odds of being seen, let alone being seen by someone with the curiosity to stop and see if it was the “Crazy California Boy” he’d met only the day before, are astronomical to say the least!  Bearing the wisdom of where to get water when I needed it, on TOP of the knowledge I would be unable to do so at the location I pre-planned to do so, -without my having mentioned such intent on doing so otherwise- and just happening to ask if I needed to get water before we passed “the local watering hole”…  Come on, if that is not enough to cause at least a suspicion of the “Powers that be” getting involved in what remains to be a TRULY Blessed journey, I don’t know that anything else will!  LOL  But, I have yet at least another 500-600 miles to go, so who knows what may yet come to pass???  😛  I’ve said it before, and I know I’ll say it again…  Miracles happen every day, all around us!  We have but to look past the negativity others try to dominate our senses with, to see, feel, and/or experience them!!!  🙂

So I walked through the night…  my pace was not peak, as I was still tired, but as the Sun rose, I knew that there would be nothing to see before I hit Needles, now somewhere between 15-20 miles away -minus whatever I’d walked away through the night-.  And my fatigue continued to plague me, my mind swirling at the very thought of trying to sleep during the coming heat, I decided to press on, and close the gap.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep in the heat, without even so much as a bush to put my tent under for shade, so I kept walking.  And walking… and walking.  There was however a couple highlights!  😛  Okay, 3, but one isn’t really a highlight, just is what it is…  that would be the fact that I got to use my Trenching Tool for the first time…  and if you don’t know what for, that’s okay…  LOL

The first of the evening, was I only got passed by one car all night.  And as it was that I was actually sitting precariously on a rock, relieving my back for moment from the pack, changing socks, and having a Clif bar for my “midnight meal”, I thought it was cool that it was that moment that I should see the only car of the evening -in retrospect, of course… I didn’t know then that they would be the only ones- but as they passed, I waved of course, and expected to hear them speed on by, as is normally the case… but instead they slowed to a stop, and actually backed up.  Now, during the day this can be disturbing, but you can at least see (typically) who’s coming.  At night, it can make you down right paranoid!  LOL  But as they pulled back, I could see that it was what appeared to be a man and wife, and it was.  They saw me on the side of the road, and wanted to make sure I was alright… I appraised them of the situation, and thanked them for their concern!  They were just heading home from a day of fishing!

The other highlight, was enough to keep me moving at a heightened speed for awhile.  I came upon my first wildlife “encounter”.  As I was walking along in the dark, with nothing but the Stars for illumination, I heard a sound that I hadn’t heard in a LONG time… at first it was across the street… not a huge deal.  But as I moved on, and heard the noise again, I not only recalled what it was, but heard it on the same side of the street… it was (I’m not sure how many) more than one mountain lion, and they seemed to be following me down the road!  For more than a mile (I’d guess, just on how long their calls remained audible and near me) they continued to call at me, wondering I’m sure if I was edible, and what I was doing walking down the middle of their territory!  I didn’t actually see but a glimpse of them, but the sound alone, at night, while carrying a heavy pack, stick, and flash light, is not the most comfortable situation to be in!  LOL  After a time, they moved on, or stopped pursuing me, one way or the other, I was relieved when it had been an hour or more since I’d heard them, and no longer felt it necessary to spin around for a look-see with my flashlight!  😛

My breaks then became more frequent, my feet were screaming at me, but I pressed on.  Until around 12:00, when I saw “civilization” on the horizon!  I was now on 95, and nearing (what I would later find out) was Mojave Valley, the last town on the Arizona side, before you cross the Colorado River and enter Needles!  I was nearly there!  As was the heat, and my desire to just have a place to remove my pack for a while!

I found an Aarco Gas Station, parked my pack in a corner outside the building, and did a little happy dance!  {…Or, I intended too, I don’t think I actually did.  I was too tired and sore at that point to do much other than sigh deeply at the relief of having the pack off my back!  😛  }  I was only a few miles away from California!

I went inside, and bought a 32 oz. Gatorade “Perform” (they were on sale), and asked one of the clerks if it was okay that I wait out the heat of the day there, promising I would bother no one, and she said it was fine.

I sat, attempted sleep in the shade provided by the building (without success, the heat was just too much, and the concrete -even though in the shade- was warm as well from the morning Sun) while leaning against my pack.  I only attempted once or twice.  I was just happy to not be walking in the heat…  So, after an hour or two I went back in, bought a hot dog, and asked for a phone book to look up St. Vincent’s, a Church based establishment I’d heard about in Needles that -reportedly- offers wayward travelers Vouchers for a bus ride between Needles and Barstow… no luck there.

At about 1430, right before the heat of the day, a “Corporate Big Wig” had come through the facility, saw me sitting in front of the store, and had one of the managers ask me to leave, as I was loitering!  And if I would not, they were going to call the Police!!!

I explained that I was a paying customer, and had every intention of leaving, I was merely waiting for the hottest part of the day to pass, before I moved on, but to no avail.  After 3 days of little to no sleep, and more than 16 hours of walking, I was stunned…

I pleaded one more time before I put my pack on for the allowance of my presence for one more hour, and they conceded!  I thanked them profusely, and returned to my pack outside.  Shortly thereafter, a Sheriff pulled in to the station, and after going inside for a drink, came out and ensured I was planning to leave at 1600, which I confirmed, and just to make it “official” I suppose, he ran my ID.  The LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) left, and I chuckled to myself, amused that even after a verbal agreement, the “police” had been called to ensure my departure.

So at about 1445, I got ready to go.  A dust storm was coming, clearly visible on the horizon, so I grabbed the handkerchief I”ve been carrying for just such occasions out of my pocket and dawned it over my nose and mouth…  I no sooner had my pack on my back, than the gentleman/manager who asked me to leave earlier because I was loitering, came out and stopped me, asking, “Are you leaving now?”  “Yes Sir, I am!”  I replied politely.  “There is a dust storm coming, you can stay ’til it is over.  You can’t walk through this bad weather!”  I couldn’t help it, I laughed!!  I thanked him for the courtesy, and took my pack back off, setting it back in the corner where it had been.

I didn’t go back inside, and kept the handkerchief on, as the wind and dust still managed to find me in the otherwise well protected and covered corner.  As I had put sunscreen on with the Sunrise ( I had come upon some rocks I could use for leverage just before dawn, had a Clif bar and changed socks as well) so the dirt that did manage to find me stuck to me.

The worst of it lasted only an hour or so, so now, “on schedule” for when I’d originally intended on leaving (LMAO), I put the pack back on and limped down the road.

The LEO had given me some good news while we talked though, it was just over a mile away from the Bridge I could cross to CA, not the 3-4 miles I had originally thought that remained.  That mile was probably the slowest mile I’ve walked thus far.  Not on purpose mind you, I just couldn’t bring myself to move faster!  Even though I’d taken care of my blisters, and stretched as much as I could, and rested through inactivity longer than had been anticipated at the Gas Station, I was not moving quickly.

And then, I saw it, up ahead, the bridge to California, the last State line I would cross while upon this journey!  Even the sight of the bridge didn’t get me moving any faster, but I did get a little giddy, and began to sing the only part of a childhood song I remember, “California here I come!  Right back where I started from!”  over and over, ’til at last I reached it!!

I had to pause, and get out my camera (I’m down to only one, with less than 15 pictures remaining), and I took pictures of the Arizona side of the River, the River itself in both directions, then of the California side!  I had made it!

I moved on, finding only a few hundred yards away an Ice Cream Shop (closed) that had a bench I could sit upon, relieving temporarily the weight of my pack from body, and I just sat.

I thought of the journey thus far, of the miles and states behind me, of the road ahead, and I had I not been so tired, I might have wept.  I can actually say, for the first time (I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not) that I know what it means to be too tired to cry.  I waved a Peace sign at every passer-by, whether they noticed or not, enjoying the feeling that only “coming Home” can afford.

I don’t know how long I sat, but I was starting to lose light, and needed to get some place where I could sleep, and/or find the now verified St Vincent’s, (though I’m still not sure of it’s location, I’ve been told by more than one source that they exist, and offer Vouchers and other services for the needy and homeless… I suppose “technically” I count as both right now…), and followed the directions I was given to its location as best I could.  When you’re tired, even clear directions can be fuzzy after a few hours.

As I walked, I came upon an individual, just standing on the corner, staring in the general vicinity of the direction I was heading.  As I neared him, as I always try to do with all sojourners I encounter, I greeted him, and almost startled, he turned and responded!  Before I had a chance to even introduce myself, he asked if I needed a place to crash.  “Is it that obvious?”  I thought…  I laughed gently, and confirmed that I did, and he (Paul) showed me to the Hotel room where he’s staying, and I happily took up the floor!

Last night was the first night in nearly a week I slept well, and soundly, clean and NOT in my tent, or crouched down in the back of a truck stop, or in the space provided at the top of an underpass!  It was fabulous!  And the Universe, the Power(s) that be, the Almighty, He who is, WHATEVER, had/has Blessed me once more!  Ahh, Synchronicity!  It is a Beautiful thing! 😛

I’ll write more later, I’ve been on this thing for a while now, and I don’t want the McDonald’s employees to have the chance of accusing me of loitering!  LOL Actually, I don’t think they would, they’ve all been very nice, and even rather interested in my journey!  Michael, Chris, Quincii, and Alex (employees at the Needles, CA McDonald’s), I want to thank you all for your support and Friendship!  Just having the opportunity to share my tale, renews my energy and enthusiasm for it, as those feelings are shared with me!!!  😀

I’m taking the day off to let my feet heal from their wounds, and to see what more I can find out about this now infamous and elusive St. Vincent’s…  lol  As I am now short a Camelbak, and given the signs the Universe has shown me along the way, I feel it may be more than circumstantial that such information came my way.   Especially knowing that without that Camelbak, there is at least one portion of the trek between here and Barstow that is “iffy” at best, for me to get through with what water I’m capable of carrying.  As the Universe saw fit, St. Vincent’s is not open until Friday, so…

I’m alive, and I am well, and have once more, as has been the case since my journey began, been very, Very, VERY Blessed!!

I Love and miss you all, thank you for your continued Love and support!  I think of you all often, and will be in touch as soon as it is possible, and I am able!  Until then…

Aloha!  Namaste!  As-Alamu ‘Alaykum!


As Destiny, the Powers that be, “…etc., etc., etc.!!!”,  (What a great flic!!!) would have it, I guess I needed an additional day to heal, and, as They know best, the extra day actually helped quite a bit!  I felt even better yesterday, and have little to no pains today, and the voucher for a train that I received this morning doesn’t leave until tonight, around 00:45, so… I have time to rest a little more, provide you all with yet another update, and give Thanks for the Love that has filled my Life since this Journey began!!  😛

Even after taking this Train ride (my first ever!), I will be well over my 1000 mile march…  between Needles and Barstow is about 150 miles, and the total distance of my Journey is somewhere around 1300 miles, so…  my Promise remains unscathed by the Blessings that have ensued!  This voucher ensures I will survive the one portion of my Journey that actually worried me, more so than the altitudes crossed in AZ.  And I believe the time to rest and Heal was necessary as well, for the completion of this, so Blessed a Journey, which has enriched and sustained me, Spiritually and Physically, even when it seemed -to me- that the odds were not in my favor!

It is hard to put in words, what I’ve felt, what I’m feeling, what I think, or want, or hope, to be the outcome of this Journey.  I know it will be completed, I know Life begins anew for me at its end, but the content of that future Life remains a mystery to me…  I know I will be Publishing my first book shortly after I have established myself there.  I know I will be continuing my education, and -at least- beginning to put things in motion for another journey, one that will be made in the attempt of betterment for us all, as I have felt compelled all my Life to do Good for all 6,000,000,000+ of my Brothers and Sisters… and so shall I endeavor to do so!  I’ve seen how it shall begin, but -once more- have no idea the outcome.

Just as I know not who shall stand with me, and who shall -even knowing me- stand away and call me a madman.  My Faith remains in That/They which cannot be seen.  My Hope remains in Love, and its overwhelming ability and Power to Conquer all!  And what Charity I may provide, I give freely and openly to my “Human Family”, all Six billion and more of you!  {More commonly “understood” as Love…}

Each time I begin to question my place in this World, the Universe inadvertently steps in, reminding me that it is not necessarily for me to know the outcome, but to follow my Heart as best as I am able, taking the lessons learned and applying them to each new step I take, growing through the knowledge gained, doing all I can to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.

I’ve learned -more than I once thought I needed to- how to Listen, and how to accept a helping hand when it is offered, though I am still more familiar with offering the hand, than taking it.  I’ve discovered the Glory(s) that can be seen when opening my eyes!  I’ve experienced the Bliss in Feeling the warmth of another, while in an embrace.  I’ve treasured the Smell of Wild Flowers, and savored the Taste of a meal prepared with Love!  And my 6th and 7th senses continue to grow!  🙂

All I have needed, I have gained, whether it was what I wanted or not!  And I’m learning to appreciate what I have, instead of complaining about what I have not!  😀

Tonight, after much needed rest, my Journey shall continue…  I know not when next an update will be forthcoming, but Pray that all of you are well, and safe, and free of the negativity that plagues our society, in its over-glorification of the tragic, as opposed to a shared appreciation of the Goodness that is all around!  I Pray, that all of you whom I know, and those I have met along the way, are able to cross paths once more and share  a moment or two -or more 😛  – again in the future!  Each new day, Life begins anew!  And with that Blessing, so too is my resolve renewed to “be all that I can be”, in all that I endeavor to accomplish!  I Pray for each of you, that you find success and much Happiness in your own endeavors, and Joy in -and with- those whom your Lives are shared!  Love with all your might!  And Mightily Live each and every moment of Life with which you are so Blessed!

Aloha!  Namaste!  As-Alamu ‘Alaykum!


Warmest of greetings to all!!!  🙂  I will be brief as possible (I mean it this time…  lol), as I am borrowing a computer, at the home of Dan & Kelly, an amazing and Blessed couple who share my Faith, and opened up their home to this way-ward traveler for the evening!

The days and nights are more and more blending together, each moment but one of a million in a whirlwind of Life, Love, and travel as my journey continues.  I actually had to grab my “itinerary” just to recall where I’ve been since last I wrote…  😛  LOL

I’ll do my best to fill in the blanks when next I am able.  As I mentioned, I am borrowing a computer, in part because my laptop was taken (stolen) from my tent while I was spending my last dollar on some food (delicious French Fries at the Mule Team Cafe(?) -the ONLY Cafe- in Boron, CA.  Great People, questionable youth -not “too young to know better”, but too bored to care- but a small town in the middle of the desert, with little else around for miles.  It was the only thing taken of any value, and in reality, as far as my journey goes, nothing of value was taken, just a thing that is replaceable, and some writing that I can easily write again.  As I do not doubt the password will keep them from finding… there’s nothing of any “real value” on that hard-drive, they got themselves a bulky paper weight, and my pack got a little lighter!  LOL  So my updates will now be limited to when I can find a Library (and/or a town big enough that has one!  lmao).

I am alive, and well, now in Tehachapi, drawing ever closer to the “final leg” of my journey, which will be SH/SR 99 in/from Bakersfield. -Yay!!-  I find myself more and more Blessed every day, and at times several times a day!  Even after my tent being gone into and my possessions rifled through in pursuit of something another thought might be of value, my Journey remains constantly Blessed by the Goodness of others, their kindness, and the Love that is shared, in each shared moment!

There is a story of Lovingkindness in each crossing/village/town/city I’ve passed through!  Hinkley, Four Corners, Boron, North Edwards, to Tehachapi!  Each filling my Heart with song, my Soul with Joy, and each new step increasing my Faith, Hope, and Love to levels unimagined before!

I shall pass them on as best I can, using my written Journal as reference, -again- when I am able.  Until then, know that I am well, and in His hands!  I am enjoying the sights, the People, the Love, and all that has come along with it, and continue to!  As I come closer with every step to the end of this Journey, I am looking ever-more forward to a reality overflowing with Life, Love, Joy, and Fulfillment, the likes of which I’ve not before known!!  So Blessed this Journey has been, it is becoming increasingly difficult to see it turning out any other way!  😀

Until I am able to update once more, and fill in some gaps…  Loved Ones, Family, Friends, and newcomers alike, I Love, miss, and think of you all, and often!  No matter how brief, or long lasting our acquaintance, if I gave you this address, and you’re reading it now, I consider you no less than a Friend, and if you’re reading this and I’ve not met you at all, I should like to meet you someday, or perhaps just hear from you, as I value (truly) the Lives of all 6,000,000,000 + of my Brothers and Sisters, and wish you all the Best that Life has to offer, in the days, weeks, and years to come!

Enjoy each, and every precious Moment, for they are truly that -certainly no less- and every one of them worthy of remembrance and a smile!  🙂

Aloha!  Namaste!  As-Alamu ‘Alaykum!



  Where to begin…  Now I’m not only having to be brief (I know, I know, I’ve said it before…  LOL), but I’m on a time limit too!  Having to use the Library is a new kind of experience…  😛  One that was meant to be, regardless of my feeling(s) of attachment to the Laptop I no longer possess.

  Upon arriving in Barstow, I had to dry some laundry at the T.A. truck stop that I had to pack wet, as the tub wash and air dry was not enough to get it… if memory serves, only one shirt actually dried, the rest remained wet!  LOL

  My first ever Train ride was kinda cool!  A smooth ride, with the feel of a bus, but more space!  😛  Regardless of the space though, a drunken passenger who sat across the isle from me kept me from getting even a little sleep, as he sprawled across the isle, kicking me -not painfully so, just enough to be annoying… like the fly that won’t leave you alone…  lmao- and moaning most of the way, trying to find a comfortable position (I assume)… once he finally got back in his seat, and began to snore, I was too awake to consider sleep, and we were nearly there.

  Upon arriving in Hinkley, I found… next to nothing!  LOL  I camped beneath two trees in a raised “flower box” type setting next to a Church, (Pastor Dick didn’t mind, and was actually quite interested in my Journey, and even offered me some “rations” which I am still enjoying… some dried Figs, and a few small cans of beans, one large of Chili which I ate that night/day before sleeping -or trying to- before continuing on.) and found that even with their Blessed shade, heat offers little rest for the weary.

  From Hinkley to Four Corners I continued traveling at night, and actually lost a little travel time when I dozed off for a few hours, sitting upon a hill after having eaten my mid-night meal.  The sleep was unintended, but needed obviously, and got me through the remaining distance.  I utilized to the best of my ability free refills of Powerade at the Pilot there, and met many good People (most of them employees, either of the Pilot and/or the Subway in the Pilot facility.  Along the 2-3 sleepless days on the way there, I consumed more water than I had anticipated, and missed the one Camelbak I’d been unable to fill even more (I think I previously mentioned one of them acquired added venting via a hole right near the inner-ring where it is filled, giving me 3 instead of 4 days worth of water)!

  There at the Pilot, I bought and attempted to use some Pro-Seal to fix the leaky blatter, but to no avail… it seemed I would have to make due with what I had. 

  The many employees I’d befriended, and who had befriended me were, in no certain order, David, Belinda, Cathy, Tara, Michelle, Christine, 2 Nicki’s (one worked “in front” at the Pilot, the other for Subway), Keith and Karen.  If I’ve forgotten to include your name, forgive me, you all were wonderful in tolerating my extended presence!  😀  I also had the pleasure of meeting Dakota and Ashley, travelers as well, though they were doing so by car, and headed in the opposite direction.  Through their Lovingkindness, I was able to afford an English Muffin with Egg, Cheese, and Avocado!!  Yum!!!  😛

  From Four Corners I moved on to the “dread” Boron -LOL-, where I was actually invited to stay with David and his Wife, Sofe -she prefers however to go by the Americanized Sophia- the night of the laptop fiasco.

  I stayed with them 2 nights, the first I got a little sleep, 3-4 hours worth, as we stayed up talking into the early hours of the morning (Can you imagine, me, up all night talking???  lmao), which was much needed as it had been a few days since I slept, but when I awoke, I felt the presence of a cold trying to work it’s way in to my system… NOOOOOOOOO!!!  😛  So I stayed covered and still most of the day, trying to keep in a restful state, while talking with Sophia about anything and everything!  She was happy to have the company while David was at work, a break from the norm for her.  Sophia at some point offered the use of a patch kit she had gotten for a Pool that was too big for their yard, and I was willing to give it a try, as my previous attempt to seal the Camelbak’s wound had failed.  It actually worked!!!  So I’m back to max travel-ability with the potential for 4 days worth of water with all four filled.  Yay!!!  🙂  That night I actually DID get some good sleep, and I felt much better the following morning, and more than ready to continue on that evening with my journey!

  -Intermission-  I’m about to run out of time on the computer, so I’ll continue after I’ve “registered” for my final hour of Library computer time!  Later!!!  ………

  Okay… I’m back…  😛  From Boron I moved on to North Edwards, where I arrived mid-day, having slept a while at the newly completed Rest Area West of Boron.  North Edwards consists of a resaurant, Christina’s Restaurant, and the Sunshine Market, and that’s it!!!  LOL  With the exception of the townsfolk of course, who are a most kind group of People, per my brief introduction(s) to them!  Melissa, who works at the Store was most gracious, as was her Grandma, as were several of the local residents, who upon hearing my story were offering donations to me endeavors!  Not asked for, but most greatly appreciated, as I happily spent the sum of it on Supplies, some there, and the rest upon arriving here in Bakersfield!

  After leaving North Edwards, is when I met Dan on his way home from work.  And I feel I was truly Blessed with the opportunity to have met him and his wife, and their beautiful twin daughters who just turned 3, and their 8 month old son.  A truly Beautiful Family, and Kelly makes some awesome Bread!!!  Thank you again Kelly!  I will make it last as long as I’m able, though it’s nearing half gone!  lol

  {I was only able to get 45 more minutes as the Library is about to close, and I’m now down to 12 minutes, so…}

  From their humble abode, came the even smaller Keene, CA.  The “famous” Keene Cafe, and a Post Office!  That’s it!  I’m not even sure the town HAS a population, and the Cafe closes at 1500 (3 pm)!

  There I met April, Rashanna, Hector, and Cindy, and a female server/clerk whose name I wasn’t able to get before she left, all of whom provided something towards my efforts, and I thank them all, and wish and Pray for them all the best in their future(s), and in all that they endeavor to accomplish!

  And from Keene, on to Bakersfield, where I am now down to the last 6 minutes of my available time to update you all, my Loved Ones, Family, and Friends, in between annoying computer pop-ups that continue to remind me I’m running out of time!  LOL  Welcome to the digital age!!!  😛

  Once in Bakersfield, I went to Lassens Natural Food & Vitamins (thank you April and Rashanna) to replenish supplies, and there I met yet more fabulous People, Shinece, Robert, Eric, & Chris, thank you all for sharing in my tale!!  🙂

  …[Next day, apprx. same time]  I’ve been Blessed with a few more moments this Blessed Saturday!  😀  I wanted to make sure all got posted before I leave Bakersfield! 

  Being here is a marker not only of progress, but of near completion!  As plans go, Bakersfield is my last “stop” along the way.  I have had the fine opportunity to get a little more rest, and have met more good people along the way -James and Jeanette at the Denny’s just off of 99 after Califronia Ave., thank you!  🙂

  I can see the “Light at the end of the tunnel” so to speak, and have so enjoyed not only the trip, but the time to tell all about it!  😛  Until next time!!!  Aloha!  Namaste!  As-Alamu ‘Alaykum!



  I only get 2 hrs. of Computer time here at the Library in Fresno, so after checking mail and my Facebook, I now have a little over 15 minutes left for this hour, and I’ll have another hour later to sum up the last couple of weeks…  Not Nice!  LOL  

  So, here goes my attempt to cram it all in…

  Travel has not been as prgressive as I would like, however I’ve found that sleep is much more difficult to come by also as I’m now surrounded by Suburbia…  LOL  So it’s been an interesting mix.  My Journey continues to be Blessed every step of the way!  I’ve come across more of the fabulous People I’ve been so Blessed in meeting as I’ve gone along, -Sorry all, I don’t think I’ll have time enough to add you all this time, but I’ll make sure to correct that first chance I get!- and even had an opportunity to sleep in/at a Church! 

  …I’m down to 5 min., I’ll continue this when I’m able… ’til then…… 


  Okay, I’m back!  😛  I think part of my problem with the time thing is there aren’t really any more “great” distances between the city’s as I continue Northwest along SR 99…  Since Bakersfield, I’ve been through McFarland, Delano, Earlimart, Pixley, Tipton, Tulare, Visalia, Traver, Kingsburg, Selma, Fowler, and am now in Fresno!  I have little recollection of any of them, save for the People I’ve met, and regretfully their names and faces are starting to blur too!  I’ll not forget their faces, the one Blessing my memory has afforded, and some of the names, (especially if I’ve written them down), but putting the two together…  LOL  That could get messy…  😛

  I had a brief issue with my tent, having bent 3 out of 4 stakes in a single night, so I had to replace those the next day (…And I got spares!  LOL), other than that one equipment problem, the rest has been more of the same!  I’ve been Blessed continuously by/through the People I’ve met along the way, and only wish I had the time to “log” them all today, before I forget more…  LOL 

  As the end of this amazing Journey draws ever closer, I find myself thinking more and more of the 2 People at the end of the Journey whom I’d like to see most…  Unsure if I will get the opportunity or not, I continue on.  They are the reason for the Journey, and ironically, though the Journey began out of my Love for another, it has become a Journey where I’ve discovered the Lovingkindness of others, and that of our Heavenly Father, the Universe, the Powers that be, that work for and Love US!  Trying to provide for us what we need, when we need it, helping us to not only achieve our goals, but to do and be all we can!!!  The unity of Life, the driving Force that connects us all, the Energy that makes anything and everything possible, everything real, is there!  It speaks to us, sometimes in whispers, and sometimes in SHOUTS, all the while trying to encourage us to grow, and be, and become all we are capable of being and becoming! 

  We have SO over-complicated our Lives, and Love, and for what?  So we can say we kept up with the Jones’?  Where’s the sense in that?  We have such an enormous and endless amount of potential, each and every one of us!  And all we have to do to accomplish said greatness is to get out of our own way and allow it to happen! 

  We limit ourselves, when we focus more on the negative, than the positive!  We limit ourselves when we say we can’t.  We limit ourselves when we settle for less than our dreams come true!

  Nothing in Life is easy.  It’s not suppose to be.  However with only a little effort from each of us, we could change the World, overnight!!  Simply by Loving others, more than ourselves!  By doing the Right thing, because it’s the Right thing to do, not because “we have to”!  By not waiting until it’s too late to try and fix something, and then doing damage control, instead of the preventative maintenance that could have saved “it” to begin with…

  Love and Life are SUPPOSE to be easy!  We have the potential, and the opportunity to make it work, let’s start doing so!

  Time’s nearly up!  Sorry folks, I hope to have more time another time.  Until then…

  Aloha!  Namaste!  As-Alamu ‘Alaykum!



  Hello all, and a Blessed day I Pray for thee!!!  🙂  I have reached Merced, and am now only being alotted 1 hour TOTAL for time on the internet, so after checking (quickly) my email, I now have only 45 minutes with which to update you all…  So my apologies, I will not be able to include names of those who have Blessed my Journey, I couldn’t possibly add you all and still have time to tell of my Journey!  LOL  So I will have to edit -at a future date, when I actually have time- my blog and add you in, at the very least once my journey is completed, but I promise I will, just as soon as I am able!  (And you know me and my Promises… come on, I’ve come over a thousand miles, and am nearly finished, with only 120 miles to go, because I promised I would do so!  😛 ) 

  After I left Fresno, I pushed on to Madera, harder than I should have, I ended up making it not only in a day, but with Sunlight to spare, and I payed for it the next few days!  LOL  I should have known better than to push myself at this point, trusting in He (and/or the Powers that be) who has made every step such a Blessing thus far, but it was the last stretch I had remaining that was greater than 20 miles, and I was determined!  😛  So, I made it, and the next few days, to this very one, my feet have reminded me that good things come to those who wait!  LMAO  Still, no complaints… though I’ve had to “baby” the tootsies -hehe-, the Blessings continue, as do the Blessed people who have been placed along my path, seemingly waiting for me to arrive!

  Once I arrived in Fresno, I spent the first night sleeping in a back room of St. Antonio’s, thanks to a kindly Padre who was wanting to aid -what he saw as- a weary traveler in need… and I was.  LOL  As previously stated, though I now have “easy access” to the “comforts” of Society, I also have the problem of not being able to just pitch my tent wherever I can find space, as that now puts me in an unfavorable light by society’s “standards”…  Ironic, that I am labeled as less than deserving of common courtesy, respect, or even acknowledgement, for the simple fact that I am living simply as I journey through this great nation of ours, regardless of my intentions, and/or abilities!  It is not only sad, but disturbing to me that such stereotypes exist, let alone that they are so easily applied to another based upon appearance alone!  As my interaction with society increases, so too does the apparent lack of respect for me as even a human being, because I am carrying a backpack, and might be a little “dirtier” than someone who has daily access to a shower, or because I am walking instead of speeding down the highway…  I’ve actually been denied service, for belief that I was little if nothing more than a scam artist, and/or one attempting to solicit funds for my next fix, regardless of the fact that I had money in hand to pay for the food I wanted!  Based solely on the way I looked, having nothing to do with who I “really” am, and despite the fact that I had the money to pay for what I wanted.  I wished them well as I left, and said aloud, “I Pray you are never in need, Blessed be!”

  I’m out of time!  Blessed be to thee all!

  Okay, I’m back… it cost me half a days travel, but as the Library yesterday didn’t open until 1130, by the time I got the computer time and was finished, it was after 1500, so I wouldn’t have got too far anyway… today they opened at 0930, and I was here promptly!  😛

  Back to the “quick” view… 🙂  After the hard walk to Madera, next came Berenda, which, if I hadn’t stopped for Water at Warnock Food Industries, Inc. I would have passed completely without knowing it!  LOL  There I met some kindly (and curious) employees, who I hope I did not get into any trouble while sharing my story… then on to Chowchilla, where, I learned the hard way, you should ALWAYS look at the receipts you sign, and NOT trust a computer to accurately bill you for a purchase!  😛  (I discovered while attempting to purchase some supplies that a couple of towns back I had follied in not doing so, making it too late to fix, as I had already agreed to pay the amount printed, regardless of it’s accuracy -or lack thereof- with my signature.  And as it turned out, the amount I was overcharged was exactly what I was looking to spend!  LMAO  That’s what I get for my laziness!  😛

  Now I am in Merced, and looking at the possibility of being done within a week, Heavenly Father, Alah, the Universe, -etc., etc., etc.- being so willing!  😀

  I’ve spent the last two nights in a Shelter, having arrived late in the Afternoon the day before, I just made it in time for check-in, and then knowing I wouldn’t make any progress after my trek to the Library yesterday, it felt right that I should wait until this morning to leave, as with an earlier start, I can at least make Atwater, if not Livingston before the day is done!  😀

  This Journey, nearing completion, continues to be Blessed every step of the way, as it has been from the Beginning!  🙂

  My Heart and Spirit have been opened to such an amazing depth of Faith, while the Blessing of meeting such kind and good natured People also continues, so too does my realization of the hypocricy of so many, who claim to have Faith, but know not how to practice what they preech!

  It TRULY is so easy, to Live and to Love as we know we should!  Yet we allow the negativity to not only consume us, but dictate our very actions, and sway our perceptions!  How sad that we overlook and ignore those in need, for the simple fact that in doing so, we can remain “comfortable” in our bubbles, at a distance from the misery and cruelty, safe and free from being reminded that SOMETHING needs to be done, and that each and every ONE us can make a difference!

  Love, is simple!  Life, is simple!  WE complicate these things, we have the ability and opportunity, to Live, simply, and Love, completely!  Or to pretend everything is okay, when we know that it is not, and accept less than the most we can get out of Life, less than the most Love that can be shared, together!  We set our own limitations, and allow others to set the boundaries for our Dreams…  while we have the potential for greatness the likes of which few can fathom!  Myself included, and I’ve got quite the imagination!  😛  LOL  If we would only tear down the walls that prevent us from opening up and blossoming into and evolving to become all that we can be!  Stop letting others define who we are, and what we’re capable of!  We can do ANYTHING, if we open ourselves to the limitless possibilties we each possess, and quit allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed by the will of others!  😀

  Time is nearly up once again, my Brothers, Sisters, Loved Ones, Family and Friends…  I Love and Charish you all, I Pray you are and remain well, and are Blessed every step along your Journies, as I have been so Blessed on my own!  😀  ‘Til next time…

  Aloha!  Namaste!  As-Alamu ‘Alaykum!



  Well Friends, Family, and Loved Ones, my Journey is complete!  This Blog is not though, as I am once more “limited” to my access, but it shall be completed as I am able in the days forthcoming…

  I arrived in Woodland yesterday Afternoon, around 1430 or so, and at the “end point” around 1520!  I contacted she for whom I walked, the woman of my dreams, as I had promised I would upon my arrival, and was met with the inexplicable aggression that I faced the last time we made “contact”…  I don’t understand it, I don’t know why she feels that I am worthy of such negative emotions, as I have tried from the very beginning (near 16 years ago) to show her nothing but Lovingkindness…

  I can merely speculate as to her reasoning, until and/or unless she and I are at some point in the future afforded the opportunity to actually “talk”, something she seems hard set against at the moment.  (Ironic, as that is exactly what she was doing with her former [current] bowe before we last separated, stating that she at least owed him that…)

  And yet, despite this “harsh” reality, I am still grateful to her for everything that we shared, every moment, every Blessed memory I am able to recall (and I Pray I never lose them), even for having “sent me home” last year!  As by having done so, I was Blessed with the opportunity to start right where I left off, fulfill previous/prior obligations, and complete the Journey and Journal as I had Promised I would do, now more than a year ago!

  Of course I would like -or would have liked- things to turn out differently between us, and I (in my limited and humble view of things) would like to think that the extremity of her shunning me as she has, could have been done without affecting things as they are, and are meant to be -for everything is- but I don’t know that either…  Things may yet turn out otherwise, the future is yet unwritten, and we are only allowed (at present…  hehe) to Live in the present, in this moment, and I am so very grateful, at having been SO BLESSED, every step of this journey, to include last night!

  As I sat at the Jack in the Box on Main St., not far from the place that was once last year, the house that was meant to be our Home, trying to plead for just a little dialogue from her, explaining the hostility I have yet to understand, I inquired of one of the employees as he was leaving about a place I might -once more- “camp” for the night, and was instead directed by his significant other (I believe she was his wife) to a Mission “right around the corner” where she thought I might have just enough time to get to to check in!

  As it turned out, -she (the wife) had said that “check-in” was over at 1830- she was off by half an hour, they stopped check-ins at 1800, but as I was there “only” 1/2 an hour late or so, and because (once more) of the Lovingkindness of the woman behind the counter who was in charge, I was checked in, and now have a place to stay for the next 3 months if necessary!!  😛  {Of course, I would like to be “on my own” long before that, but again, the future remains untold…}

  I have nothing but optimism and high Hopes for my future here!!  As I knew before I took this leap of Faith, that became a more Blessed Journey than I ever could have asked for, things are going to work out, and my time here has just begun!!!  😀

  I do not now know, what -beyond the parts that have already made themselves clear to me- what is to become (if anything) of the Vision I had, that begun me on this path, nearly 16 years ago… but I know that it has shaped my Life in to what it is, what I have become, and “now am”!  And I am ETERNALLY grateful for every part of that Blessing!!  Being here, alive, today, in a place I felt a year ago (and even still now) is more like “Home” than any other place I’ve resided in this Life!  I am at Peace with Life, and in Love with ALL of it!  Happy and Blessed to be here, in this moment, and being given the opportunity to share it with all who are willing to allow me to do so!!  🙂 

  With only a few emotional strings keeping it from being “perfect” (and that may yet change too!  😛  ), or at least as perfect as we mortals can Hope to achieve, I have found the place I will call Home!  The same in which I will be from, as my new Journey, the continuing Journey of this, my Life, begins anew!

  As I have told so many of you along the way, I cannot say it enough, I have been SOOO Blessed!!!  And continue to be so!  None of us are promised tomorrow, or that Visions of our future will play out as anything more than object lessons in our own free will…  But so long as we seek the Light, the Goodness that exists throughout our World, truly it shall be found!  As surely as the darkness, should we seek that instead.  DON’T!!!  Don’t let the negativity bring you down with it!!!  I was close to allowing just that to happen myself once… and then I was So Blessed as to be given the Inspiration to do what is Right, and be True to myself, and begin the most Blessed Journey any one man could ever Hope to ask to be a part of, let alone embark upon, for 75 perpetually Blessed Days of my Life!!!!!!  Thank you Vonita!!!  And thank you all!!  For being a part of the most miraculous experience I could ever have asked, or Dreamed, or Hoped to share in and be a part of, with you!!!

  My time is nearly gone for the day, the blanks that exist will be filled in as time (and Heaven) allow, I Promise!  😛  {And you all should know by now how I feel about Promises made!  LOL}

 Aloha!  Namaste!  As-Alàmu Àlaykum!  (Until next time…  😀  )

34 thoughts on “A Journey of a Thousand Miles…

  1. Elron: I’m glad that you are following your bliss. No matter how crazy it may seem to the rest of us! lol
    Hope your days are doing better; am thinking about you and praying for a safe journey.
    Sofia misses you VERY much.



  2. Every step closer I get, the better I am! 🙂 My body is adjusting. Prayers are always welcome! And I miss Sofia too! Give her a rub behind the ears for me, and under the chin (she really likes that)! The Love and support of Friends and Family have made this journey possible, and my desire and intent on completing it will not falter! I have been truly Blessed these last 8 months, and you’re part of the how!
    Today I rest and heal, tomorrow the journey continues…


    1. Thanks, Rhonda! I miss you all, though I don’t miss the state much! LOL I Pray all is well with you, and may each new day bring more happiness than the last! 🙂


  3. Glad you’re still slogging your way through AZ. Shortly after I got the offline message that you had updated your blog, the news reported 3 escapees from a prison outside Winslow. So, in case you had any doubts about the Universe leading you: staying in Holbrook was the safest thing to do; as well as the dryest!
    Keep listening, stay safe, walk well.


  4. Only speaks in the ‘still small voice’ my foot! You don’t call that wall of rainstorm a ‘shout’? I certainly would! lol


  5. Hey Elron I got home back to Phoenix
    Hate the 94 degree weather at 11pm but
    I hope you get to CA i’n quicker time
    I go back to school on wenesday
    And I will tell my friends and school to read and buy your book


    1. Thank you! I Pray School goes well with you, and goes painlessly! LOL
      I’m enjoying every step of my journey, and new found Friends such as yourself have made the experience all the more Blessed!
      Keep the Faith, my Friend, enjoy every moment, and all the more those moment(s) shared!
      This has been a great year so far, and it looks to only get better! 🙂
      Blessed be! Aloha! Namaste! As-Alamu ‘Alaykum!


  6. Thanks dude
    I also started my own blog so I can tell my friends and people and u about my days and important events


    1. Awesome! I shall look forward to following your journey to the rest of your Life! 😛 Remember, ONLY do that which truly makes you happy! Life’s too short to do less, and it doesn’t matter if you make a dollar a day, or ten thousand, as long as whatever it is brings with it the Joy(s) of Life! To thine own self be true! Love every moment, and all who are willing to share in those moments!! Later!


  7. Hi, Elron. We are the couple you met in Gallup and shared a meal with. We are home now from our trip. We had a great time and saw many wonders of this earth. We thought about you as we traveled, especially as we crossed the Mojave Desert. We are praying that you will continue to meet people who will help you on your way. That desert is rough, wide, and hot. We’ll check up on your blog as you go, praying that you make it safely to your destination.


    1. I remember you both well, and am still thinking of the AWESOME salad! 🙂 It reminded me of the meals she whom I’m walking for made, and put a bit of a bounce in my step! I have been so Blessed this entire journey, and have been additionally Blessed in the meeting of great people such as yourselves -nearly- every step of the way! I have had my Faith renewed in the Goodness of People, and seen just how MUCH of a difference “a little” can make! It is hard to see my journey turning out any less than wonderfully, with such shining examples of Selfless acts of Kindness guiding my path! Thank you again for your Lovingkindness, generosity, and conversation, as you quite literally have set the tone! I wish you the best in all your endeavors, and Pray for the chance to cross paths -at least- once more in the future, upon different roads perhaps, but with the same Spirit of Good will, and perhaps at that time, I’ll provide the salad! 😛 Aloha! Namaste! As-Alamu ‘Alaykum!


    1. Likewise Elizabeth! It was a pleasure meeting and talking with you, I’m glad you made it to Needles awake! LOL 🙂 May you be Blessed in all you do, and find the Peace and Love so rightly deserved by all! 😛
      Aloha! Namaste! As-Alamu ‘Alaykum! {See my Blog for details/explanation of the 3 different phrases! 🙂 Maybe I’ll see you when I get to Northern CA!?! ’til then…}


  8. Yo what’s up schools ok but it’s too hot
    But I got good news for u I already have 300 people who want to buy your book


    1. That’s Awesome!!! Wow, I’m popular and my book isn’t even in Print yet! lol It will be soon though, I promise! If I am so Blessed to survive the journey, (and I’ve good reason to suspect/Believe I will be… hehe) it’s at the top of my to-do list, so it won’t be long in the coming, I Promise! (And you know my feeling(s) about Promises… 😀 )
      Sorry to hear about the heat, it’ll get better though. lol Weather always changes, it’s whether or not we are willing/able to adapt to/with it that makes the difference! Enjoy school, I know when you’re “doing it” it doesn’t necessarily seem like much fun, but take it from someone who’s been there and done that… enjoy every moment while you can, and have the opportunity! Once school is out, and it’s you vs. the “real world”, it becomes a completely different ball game! Where attendance alone no longer suffices, and you are (seemingly) in competition with everyone to keep/maintain your position. It’s a brutal, dog-eat-dog, ego driven system, and there aren’t (unfortunately) too many jobs/careers that are offered that are “less” competitive. {They do exist, but in comparison, they are few and far in between…}
      Keep your head up, and don’t sweat the small stuff… and ALWAYS remember, it’s ALL small stuff (unless it is Love… but that’s another blog/story… lol)!! LOL
      Life is too short NOT to cherish each and every moment we are so Blessed with, and the moments come and go too quickly to keep track of at times, so always strive to Live Life to the fullest, without going overboard! 😛 All things (accept Love) in moderation! Love ALL of Life, and Live Loving all!! 🙂
      Later my studious Friend, Thank you again for your continued following, and constant support! It means more than can be said!!


  9. Everything is well! Thank you Jesse!! 🙂 I am still including Eric in my Prayers, and Pray all with you is well also! Thank you for all the support! Being back in CA feels good!! 😛 It is the only State I’ve ever called home! KIT, and keep the Faith, my Friend! This is the year things get better! 😛 Aloha! Namaste! As-Alamu ‘Alaykum!


  10. El, I am so glad you are still doing well. I am amazed….Your story is so beautiful and light and I never here you complain. I am worried about you and at times on my break when Im outside I look at the sky and hope that you are doing well. I love you sweety you are a great friend and please be safe….We all love you.


    1. It is hard to complain when you’ve nothing to complain about!!! 😛 Every step continues to be so Blessed! And I have been Blessed so much as is!! My Faith, my Hope, and my Love just continue to blossom, as I did not before even imagine possible! Each new day is RICH with the Beauty and Blessing(s) of Life, and I am reminded every moment how Blessed we truly are to even be alive, here, now, during this (these) time(s)!
      We are on the brink of greatness, or destruction… WE choose! We have the opportunity to make a difference, to stand, and be counted, and our voices heard! Or to sit back, do nothing, fade away and watch -while we are able- as the world crumbles around us!
      It’s not, and it shouldn’t be difficult… the choice we have, the choices we make… to me it all seems so simple! Charity (Love) is the answer! If you find what you’re doing doesn’t have that as the answer, perhaps it is time to do something different… And if it IS the answer, how can you -we- be doing wrong? 🙂
      It certainly isn’t hard, but it does take an effort… you have to want for an others happiness more than you’re own…
      I’m done rambling. LOL I am doing well, and thank you for your Love and support Chrys, it means more than you know. Always remember to focus on the Light, not the Dark… you can see more that way!!! 😛 Aloha! Namaste! As-Alamu ‘Alaykum!


  11. Yo sorry to hear about your computer
    But if u make enough profits from your book u can put Internet on your mobile phone
    And it’s been alot cooler here like 95-100
    But by October it will be 87/58


  12. Hi Elron…just finished reading the latest on your blog. You are probably somewhere on Hwy 99. I was hoping to meet you somewhere along the way…will be looking to see where we hear from you next and try to meetup. Hope all is well…Liz


  13. We have wondered every day since we crossed the Mojave how you would do and have prayed for your safety. We can see that God has been watching and directing your path. We are so thankful that you have been kept safe. It does our heart good to hear of so many who have been used by God to help you along your way. It is hard to accept help, but in accepting help you allow the people who help to be blessed too.


    1. I could not agree more! 🙂 Truly I have been Blessed, every step of the way (I know, I’ve said that before, I can’t help it! LOL ), and continue to be so, as I am now about 2 weeks away, plus or minus a few days! I discovered after leaving Bakersfield I was actually closer by half than I thought I was, and my excitement grows each day I get closer! Thank you for the continued support, and I will continue to update as I am able. (It’s hard to believe I’ve already been at it 50 days, and even more so that I’m now as close as I am! :)P ) I Pray for your well being, and the return of those Blessings I’ve received from so many Good People -such as yourselves- to be returned 10 fold! I know they will, such is the Glory of our Universe, and our connection to it and each other! ‘Til next time…


    1. Less than 200 miles now! 🙂 I’m in Fresno, and hope to be in Woodland in about 2 weeks time -plus or minus a couple of days-!!! Fresno is a “marker” for me, and I’m now getting so close I can taste it! LOL It’s almost hard to believe I’ve come this far! It barely seems like I’ve been “out here” for 55 days, and yet, it’s becoming more difficult to recall NOT being on this Journey! 😛 It has been such a whirlwind of a Blessing! I’m near giddy being so close to the completion of this Journey, and at the same time almost sad it is nearly over…


    1. And you as well, Ralph! Time has become such a blur, it is hard to keep track of the places I’ve been, or how long ago! But the people I shall cherish and remember as long as I’m able! 🙂 Blessed be my Friend, I Pray all is well, and that you find/receive nothing but the best in the future! Aloha! Namaste! As-Alamu ‘Alaykum!


  14. Hey Elron,

    Just read your status update on FB. Know that I think of you often and keep you in my prayers. You are nearly through your journey. May the blessings of the Universe flow to you. 🙂



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