Life… is in the air, in the sand and earth, in the water, even in fire.  It is the most precious and sacred gift of all, in any and all forms.  And how do we treat it?  As though we have the right to take it away without consequence.

Too few of us nurture, truly nurture, Life, more than we destroy and consume it (call it a carbon footprint if you like).  And those that do face an up hill battle, as profiteering tramples the small and weak underfoot.

Not one of us needs, any more than any other one of us!  We have in our rights the freedom to choose how we live our Lives.  And not only do we take it for granted, we try to deny others the same right because we believe -in whatever capacity- ourselves to be superior to “them”, with more right to the same basic needs than “they”.

It can hardly be put more plainly.  We have the means, to end world hunger.  We have the ability, let alone the technology, to better HUMANITY!  Instead we use it to control and destroy each other.  Our “Superiority” prevents “them” from having the same basic right to Life, more of an economic burden, than a “real” Life affords for consideration.

Our needs are Human.  Our problems are “universal” around the globe, and if we don’t work together to solve them, we are doomed to repeat history, and destroy ourselves.  This time, we could take all of Life on Earth with us, not just our petty selves.

It is time for us to see one another for what we are.  Brothers and Sisters, Human beings, with a right to Live among each other.  With fewer and fewer options as to how we are going to get there… if we do at all.  The Answers are simple.  We have them.  We know of hundreds, thousands perhaps of ways, in which we could benefit Life, in ALL that we do.  Bio-fuels and engineering, Hydrogen Fuel cells, Magnetic Propulsion, C.S.A. (Community Supported Agriculture, instead of water consuming lawns…), Solar/Wind power generators(People with them are selling leftovers back to the governments…  hint hint) etc., etc., etc., the list goes on!  The answers to all of the GREAT issues, hunger, homelessness, lack of education, building up, not out.  They all have answers that we know.  And many -if not most- we’re finding answers to in Nature!

We can stop the insane rat race for pointless, selfish gain, and work together!  6,000,000,000 + of us, to solve the real issues that our survival depends upon.  Or we can be consumed by it, and feed it, and fight over invisible “borders” and die together.  Justifying our insane and murderous actions by saying “it’s for the greater good!”  By what God is such neglect of Life and each other noteworthy, let alone praiseworthy?  Last time I checked, there wasn’t a one of the “major religions” that didn’t have a doctrine dictating Brotherly Love, and unity in and for salvation, the end to the cyclic existence.  Yet look at us all, waving our flags as though the cloth they are made of dignify the slaughter of innocent Life, because their belief (though fundamentally the same) doesn’t use the same language.  If the meanings are the same, does it matter?  Which of the major religions was it that deemed Life unworthy of pursuit by all?  None worthy of my attention.  We are all connected, and Live or die, we will do it together.

We are so close to doing both.  We are -in truth- closer to the brink of our own destruction, than we are to elevating Human-kind to a new level of consciousness and understanding, bettering our very existence, and being the first in written/recorded history to learn from the past, and our mistakes, and do RIGHT by the generations that are near, or may yet be.

We are not alone.  In the world, or the universe.  At the rate we’re going, the human race won’t survive long enough to find out/acknowledge either one.  The choice is ours.  Each other, or ourselves?  Life, death?  It’s really that simple.

Blessed Be!  Aloha!  Namaste!  As-Alamu ‘Alaykum!

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