Love… so much more than a word!

This is not only my favorite word, but one of the few (if not only) “things” that makes this Life worth Living.  But before I get carried away, -as anyone who knows me will tell you, I tend to do often- let me first provide some historical info on the “word” Love.

Let me say first off, that if you were to type the word “Love” in to any search engine, with or without such prefaces as “the meaning of”, you will quite literally  come up with MILLIONS of results…  And in attempting to find its actual origin(s), there too you will come up with more results than most people will read in a lifetime (topically or otherwise)!

But it is not an uncommon belief, and can to some extent be “proven”, that before this word “L-O-V-E” came into being, it (as a concept and an emotion) was represented by the word “Charity”.  In fact, it is believed by some scholars, that the word “Charity” was replaced by the word “Love” some 2000 times in the modern version of the Bible.  (I am in NO way tying the root of “Love” to Christianity alone, but in no other known text was one concept -Charity- changed so many times with the “newer” one of “Love“.)  I happen to agree with them!  And feel that this travesty set us on the path of misunderstanding  which, in theory and in practice, is nowadays so confused and forsaken, it is no wonder we find it so hard to connect with its Intention within our lives!

By not understanding, or having the knowledge that Love, in its purest of meanings, is the act of wanting for an others Happiness, more so than your own (Charity), we fail to comprehend the impact it can, and should have in and through our Lives!  There is no ethical Religion, which does not preach the concept of selflessness, of caring more for the well being of others, than your own.  And none which do not proclaim that it is through “Love” that any and all of Life’s tribulations can be overcome, through LOVE!!!

It (Love) is widely, and generally believed to be the single greatest Force in all of Nature and the “Natural” world, and yet remains one of the most controversial and least understood emotions in existence!  And I feel it is because of our removal of the root, “Charity” from its definition, and our understanding, that has brought this sad fact to fruition.   Our Lives are intended to be full of Joy, and connections to our world & each other which enable us to share in its/their Glory, yet we are so focused on the pain and suffering, there is little time for such “simple” pleasures!

I digress… slightly.  Love is not only the greatest emotion known to man, but the single driving Force by which, and for which we take all other action!  There is nothing we do, or haven’t done, for Love.  By its simplest definition, or understanding -that of a parents Love for their child(ren)- all things are done!  It is for Love that we rise in the morning, and for which we dream at night!  It is for Love that we labor, desire, seek, create, destroy, and Live!  If not for Love, we would not exist, nor would we try to.  Indeed, it is for lack of Love that so many have and do yet perish.  And it is through our misunderstanding of Love that we all struggle, either to find it, or receive it, for it is ONLY in its lack thereof that we suffer at all!  Love brings us together, and “for it”, tears us apart.  We are as bound by It, as It by us!  And Loves limitations are known only by our lack of sharing it!

3 thoughts on “Love… so much more than a word!

  1. Hi Elron I’m Erik, do you remember me?yes I am the guy from the Restaurant,so I was reading and I liked it so far,but,I am not quite sure of the meaning of love,spetialy CHARITY,you mean like,every body is in need of love,but charity is kind of,for people who are in need and Im talking about,people whos poor or things like that,but,I thin k this is your definition or perhaps everybody definitios.everybody is in need of everything does not matter if is love,sex,money or whatever,everybody is in need of “CHARITY”mmhhmm interesting.


    1. Charity, is the “root” word of Love. Before the word “Love” had been invented, it was referred to as Charity! After the Council of Nicea, the Word “Charity” was changed to the word “Love”, over 2000 times in the Bible. That is where the word “Love” got its origin, and has been in use, and misused ever since! You cannot understand the “true” meaning of the Word Love, without knowing that it BEGAN with Charity. Charity is an (any) act in which you put an others needs before your own, and so too is any act of “True” “Love”.


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