Letters from the inside, reaching out.

     This was one of my first writing assignments, and before I’d taken any one of the 3 English courses I’ve since had, so I can see it as a bit “rough”, but one I still like!  Though I struggled with it at first, simply because of my personal feelings about definitives…  I think it came out okay though.  🙂

Simply the Best

     Excepting Deity(ies), there are few if any I could -or would- rightly afford the definitive “the best”, but among them would have to be Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART, standing at the top!

     Composing music by the age of 4, his first symphony before he was much more than a decade, and not once, in all of his writing of music did he correct or re-write a single note!

     His genius is undeniable, his music (to those with an ear for Baroque/Classical) unmistakable, Mozart is, was, and -in my humble opinion- always will be, if not thé, among the very best!

     During his life, he was spurned for his rash, and at times “childish” ways, but all genius comes at a cost, all greatness and those who possess it are in some if not many ways, eccentric.

     After the first two notes (that I’ve always found identifying to his unique music) you are swept away in a journey of his own design, often an emotional roller-coaster of highs and lows, but always to the fullest of your capacity to feel!

     Be it Aria, Sonata, or Symphony, his music arrests your senses, and pulls you along, dragging you into the depths of his magnificent mind, and every time leaving you awed by his mastery of the art of music, and its ability to define, nay, interperate the essence  & beauty of the aural perceptions  of Life.

©31Oct2014                                                                                     J. Elron Mings