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Alone [Together], As One

Early I Rise
with the Dawn of day
Visions of you
in my head do Play

Bringing such Joy
and giddy delight
for the Love shared
through the dark night

Once Reality
now but Dream
worlds change
what remains, but Dream?

Life goes on
only Dreams persist
keeping the Faith
They DO exist!

Those Dreams of Love
and one day True
when Love returns
and begins anew

Dreams ARE Hope
and the Light of Day
that keeps me going
while you’re away

©16DEC2020 J. Elron MINGS

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Patterns Observed

Amazing in Life
the Things we see
Connections, the Purpose
“It’s all in perspective, ya’ see?”

Birds of a feather
flying by
while Lovers depart
sailing on Clouds on High

Worlds apart
this single scene
Majestic the Art
in a Moment seen

Life delights
in ways told & untold
by those so Blessed
to Tale unfold

Gracious the Light
where Love unfurls
senses ignite
to a world seen in swirls!

©12DEC2020 James Elron MINGS

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My Proposal…

For Kitty Shell

On this day

I Give thee a plant

in a silly way

in a silly hat


Call me “crazy”

or “weirdo” if you prefer

but call me, please

to your leisure I defer


For not just a plant

but my future to thee I offer

for in it, without you

lies only a tear-filled blur


Faults, I have plenty

but with you, progress

with time, I Know

I’ll bug you less!


In rhyme I can say

what in text I cannot

though mortal words,

still miss the Spot


A poet I am

a lover of words I am not

they lack the True meaning

in what you, I’ve got!!


A writer, you’ve got

but can’t you see?

without you in my Life

there’s little point in it, for me!


With you I flourish

I’m growing a lot

will you Share in my Future

‘til we’re filling our plots?


No more than You I want

to be there when I fall

nothing I’d like more

then to catch you , before you…



See what I mean?

Even rhyme can’t express

how much “wo ai ni”

with any accurateness!


Through a rhyme

or in words, plain

it cannot be described

how much I ache when you’re in pain


What I’d like to try

is to see you smile every day

I’ll exclaim, “There she is!”

and Know all else, will be okay!


There’s nothing more Healing

than True Love, when shared

YahWeh’s example to us all

For Their Son They did Bare


So much Joy

in all Life to be found

with You, side by side!

To the Stars we’ll be bound!


Sharing with you

every down, every up

Sorry, but I am

that Love struck pup!


but I offer you space

and what future is mine

to share in the Home

that You Design!!!


So my proposal

however feeble it may be

is to Grow this plant with you

for Time and Eternity!!!!


Will you marry me?

©19SEP2020                                                                  James Elron MINGS

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Good Morning!!

Well, somebody had to say it!  LOL  You can’t see me, you’re reading this!  So it is important that I describe to you all that is going on around me, that you may understand.

Life.  Life is going on, all around me!  And I want so much to be a part of it!  But you won’t let me.  You keep the door(s) locked.  I can’t get in {“What if I’m (he’s) a “criminal”??}  Well, the cat’s out of the bag.  I am.

By “societies” standards, and definition.  In truth, I’m not.  I try, every day to be the Best me I can be, every day.

By “Best”, I mean, non-violent, Peace Loving, Love wanting, me that I can be.  I don’t condone violence, of ANY SORT, but I continue to be subjected to it, literally and figuratively.

My Name is Elron!  What’s your name?  How are you??  Simple greetings, to be shared or ignored as you please.  I have only my words, all else has left me.!

And so I return.  Again and again!  Gladly, for YOU!  Will you have me?

If so, I’ve made the means and the ways for you to contact me when you Wish, available on as many “sharing” “medias” as I’m willing to tolerate.  To be honest, I grow tired of all the technology, the data, it’s all so superfluous!  What MATTERS, IS LIFE!!!!  And the Living of it.

And the people you know, that you invite into your space, matters.  What you do with them, how you do it, Why you do it!

If I’ve confused you, please start from the top, and read it again.  Everything else, is so much fluff!!

I could sit here typing to/at/for you all about what I’ve gone through in this Life, or others, but I do not wish to spend every waking moment typing, or reading, though I enjoy both!  And yet, how else do we share?  I’d rather be Living, alive, feeling, experiencing, all that Life has to offer.  For it doesn’t matter WHAT you do, just so long as you are harming none in doing so.  That includes YOURSELF!

The TRUTH is out there, in every language.  And if that’s what you’re lookin’ for, you’ve found It!  If not, look else where.  I’ll tire eventually of repeating it, but I’ll say it again, perhaps with more words, so you can more easily Understand.

I Love you ALL, that I’ll NEVER tire of saying, to you as an individual, or as a Group.  For THAT is what matters, nothing more, nothing less.  If You’d like to Hear more, feel free to ask (in “person”, in RL preferably), but I’ll respond digitally if you want [you can’t like it or Love it, it’s not “alive”!]!

Aloha!  Namaste!  As-Alámu Álaykum!

~Me~  {~Elron~}

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Ever More

I wrote this Poem for an assignment in the Creative Writing class I was taking while at San Quentin. We’d been locked down for more than a month, and my Hope was, that by writing this preemptively, I’d spark the Universe into action. We were still locked down that week, but the following week it was lifted. 🙂
It’s the first of its type that I’ve written in a number of years. Enjoy! Critique! Let me know your thoughts…

Ever More

Time moves on
tick tock tick tock
So much gained
so much lost
Life goes on
tick tock tick tock
Bitter and sweet
sweat and frost
Wheel turns ’round
tick tock tick tock
the good the bad
the pass the fail
Arms circle ’round
tick tock tick tock
Grapes to wine
Apples to ale
Cycles they spin
tick tock tick tock
Pride & Joy
sorrow & loss
Watch hands spin
tick tock tick tock
The Star the Hand
the Crescent the Cross
Worlds without end
tick tock tick tock
Rain that falls
wind that blows
What starts must end
tick tock tick tock
What’s it really mean
who of us really knows
So the sands flow
tick tock tick tock
One man’s trash
one man’s treasure
As the waters flow
tick tock tick tock
Life without Love
pain without measure
Time moves on
tick tock tick tock

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A Friend Indeed

Few things in Life

Are ever “for sure”

Especially time

It’s gone in a blur


Some things last

Family is one

No choices here made

They still can be fun


And pillars through

Thick and thin

Love for one’s Family

Run deeper than skin


Yet somehow

Th’ grandest feeling of all

Comes from a friend

Who’s there when you fall


‘Cause it’s not expected

Just a genuine gift

A friend brings True Love

Through all weather, our Friends do lift!


© 04Nov2011                                                                                                                                                                    James Elrond Mings

I dedicate this Poem to a friend, so True simple words aren’t enough. Nonetheless Maia, thank you!

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Vows For Valentine’s

Vows For Valentine’s

Destined from birth
Faith says even before
Memory bears proof
Loving days of yesteryore

Eternal in truth
No beginning nor end
Always to you
My Love I do send

Reality fades
Your Radiance blinds
All Good things
With you I find!

My heart beats
My hands toil
My Life for you
My Soul, when this body is soil

No greater Love
On Earth to be found
No greater Gift
Nor Foundation more sound!

Unity provides
And Dreams come to Life
As One we soar Free
Together, no strife!

True Love blinds
The strongest Universal ties
Ours for all time
Seen in your eyes!

Words fail
Expressing our Love
Together Forever
We take Flight, souring above!

14 Feb 2012 James Elrond Mings

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In That Now

In That Now

I was a man
Before I’s a boy
I just didn’t yet know
Enough of Life’s joy

My body grew
A mans it became
But I reverted to boyhood
Still playing kids games

The all at once
Everything changed
My existence desolate
Emotions panged

Herein’s the mystery
Before me laid bare
Love, Life, they surround us
Sharing, Living, these are all too rare

Shocked into Living
All finally made sense
But for Life lived
There was no recompense

Second chances are few
Love’s too important to wait
Be all you can always
Before it really is too late

This was my folly
Loves pulchritude in sight
I wasn’t doing my best
What mattered most, I lost in a night

Hear now my plea
Learn from the past
Don’t repeat mistakes
Life’s gone too fast

I Prey thee heed
This lonely heats rhyme
Forsake not what is given
There’s no turning back time

If I had it all
To do once again
I’d be in that now
The man I should’ve been

© 12 Oct 2012 James Elrond Mings

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In the not-quite dark
& the constant drone of forced air
Thought the only company
Memory the only comfort

Surrounded by people
Divided by brick
No common ground
No history shared

Reality encroaches
Dreams fleeting
The world wanted outside
The unwanted within

Void of Living
Overwhelmed by apathy
Hope grows dim
Faith, the silent, absent partner

© 01 Aug 2013 James Elrond Mings