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Overcoming, and Becoming…

Thoughts for the day (yesterday, 11JUL2018)

Moving forward is never easy. That’s the Joy of Living! That we must toil to progress. There is no reward without having put forth the effort to succeed. Even failures can be a success, if we’ve learned, and do not stagnate in the pool(s) of disappointment and despair.
There is no growth if we’re wallowing in self pity, no point in surviving if we take on the role of ‘victim’ instead of gaining strength from having been victimized.
Words alone will rarely make it easier, but through experience can be found knowledge, understanding, wisdom. If we but seek them out, and accept that in all of Life there are lessons from which we may learn, they are ours for the taking!
Letting go of suffering does not mean we cease to fail, or feel pain, but that we revel in it/them as much as we do pleasure. Which (again), does not make the experience easy, but opens our inner selves to the possibility that we can gain as much from one as the other, and be better for it. It then becomes not a roadblock or obstacle, but a door, a gateway, a step up toward new and better experiences! Towards a higher, more aware, state of being, of thinking! It becomes a step towards being more in tune with the Universe, and more connected to it, and to all that truly matters, and not an opposition to it!


I am a Writer and Poet, Construction Worker with a Union, would be Organic Farmer, Son, Brother, Cousin, Friend, and a few others. I would like to add a few more; Husband, father, .... the list will grow! I am currently working on personal growth, publishing my first book, becoming a Journeyman in the Carpenters Union, learning more of Gardening and Green things, and embracing Life as it comes! Life and Love are only as easy as we allow them to be, but are ever present, when we are ready to embrace them! Time is a tricky, devious thing, and Life is never easy. Nor should it be, the challenge is how we grow! While ever developing mentally and Spiritually over the last decade, The "obstacles to progress" are morphing into challenges to be met, and are ever changing. Such is the amazing Wonder that is Life, as we Learn, as we Grow! Too much structure is at the very heart of institutionalization, and not enough is the path to chaos. Learning that balance I believe is a Life-long challenge. One of many, as balance(s) is(are) ever changing too! All the while (and, as we ALL are...), I am, have been, and continue to be, so very Blessed!! Divine Providence, the "Finger of God", or even a reference to "Footprints"; all and more apply! The Energy of Life is all around us! Creating, Energizing, Healing, Invigorating! Life feeds the Energy of Life! Call It/Them how/by/what you will... Their presence and influence in and upon my Life has been amazing, and I could not, and would not, be who or where I am (NONE of us would/could be), without Them! Divine Providence, Creators/Masters of the multi-verse, the Spark of Life, the Energy that Nourishes, Higher Power, whatever/however you so choose to acknowledge our own smallness in the Universe! Without Their Love, Their Guidance, we are lost. We are sick, we are incomplete, when we lack the Faith to Heal and be Whole! I am growing, and Healing, and Learning, and am greatly in need thereof. But I AM growing, and Healing, and Learning! And so the Light "at the end of the tunnel" Shines ever bright! And Day by Day, I struggle, to be better than I was the day before, and to be prepared to be even better tomorrow! Hallelujah! Aloha! Namaste! As-Salàmu Àlaykum! Peace!

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