Posted by: Elron Mings | 11November2012

Better Half

Better Half

Two simple words

Implying so much

So inadequate

They don’t begin to touch


A truth so plain

If only you’d see

How profound

What you mean to me


All my Life

There’s been only you

Before we met

And physically knew


Since that moment

Now long ago

For you alone

My Love doth grow


In your eyes

Mysteries unwound

All reason denied

No logic sound


Without, all’s lost

With all’s placed

Once Heaven’s delight

Now Earth you’ve graced


Such Joy you bring

So Loving also

To the ends of the Earth

I’d willingly follow


Beautiful in every way

There is none to compare

Not any other Soul

This Life, I’d prefer to share


Perfection personified

No better math exists

Heart, mind, body & Soul are yours

‘til each and every one desists


“Better half” just doesn’t convey

The emotions so deeply hewn

My Friend, my Angel, my Soulmate

My One & only, of visions & future shewn

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