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Sensory Overload! The things we hear…

There have been many discussions, studies -even more, perhaps-, and theories published on the effects of our environment.  Without wanting to add to the tons of material that already exists, here perhaps I might put a different “spin” on the plethora of material that is out there…

Sound is something those of us with the gift (generally speaking, of course), all too often take for granted.  And in a very serious way!

In the industrialized portions of our World, we, the richest 1/3 of Earth’s population, noise pollution is not only a very real problem, but by and large, greatly overlooked!

We all too often are all too busy to notice the constant drone of engines as they speed by, or soar overhead.  We think little of the hum that is ever-present from our computers and florescent lighting.  Not to mention the white noise that is intentionally added in our work space(s) to prevent sound from carrying too much!

In fact, we pay very little attention to the deafening sounds we so willingly tolerate.  Most of the time, until they have caused significant loss, we hardly even notice, unless “their” music is drowning out “our” music, in which case we are more likely to turn the volume up, than ask “them” to turn it down.

With the countless studies that have been done, not only admonishing us for our blatant disregard for the well being of our sensitive noise receptors, but indicating that the “quality” of those same sounds are even capable of effecting our well being, we are still NOT LISTENING!

Noise pollution has become such a constant, that we all too often don’t even acknowledge the fact that it is there.

When was the last time you walked through a city park, and heard the birds singing?  Or the sound of the wind, as it rustles the leaves and branches of the trees?  When is the last time, you sat (or stood, or laid), and enjoyed the silence?

A favorite book of mine by Masaru Emoto, “The Hidden Messages in Water” goes so far as to show the affect(s) noise has on water as it is frozen.  These “noises” are everything from written words, to music, and varying sources of water, from polluted to glacial.  Throughout his 20+ years of research, time and again, he has found that those “vibrations” which equate to the Positive aspects of Life produce the most beautiful and symmetrical crystals, while the Negative produces ugly, misshapen crystals.  If water can be so easily effected by outer influences, what effect(s) are to be found with our own water (which is some 80% or more of our genetic make-up), when our Lives consist of noises that are dominantly intrusive, inharmonious, and at times purely offensive?

It should not surprise us then, that with such an increase in our “negative” input that we find drastically increased numbers of suicides, depression, and people succumbing to violence, be it through “road rage” or “going postal”.

I’m not intending to suggest that we begin a frenzy of lawsuits against those greatest sources of noise pollution, by any means.  I merely wish to point out, that we have allowed so many outer influences to evasively affect our very well being, that it is past time that we begin to acknowledge the many things that have a distinct impact on our Lives.  Be they minute, or major influences, our surroundings are a part of the environment that shapes us!

We are at a time in Human history that gives us a unique opportunity to actually and effectively make changes -even a few drastic ones- for the betterment of ourselves, and our environment!  We have an ever increasing knowledge base of the effects (positive and negative) of those things we allow in our Lives, from the chemicals we consume in our diets, to those we use to clean ourselves and our homes, and there is an active movement towards improving our Lives through cleaner, “greener” Living!

Why not walk the couple of blocks to the corner market, instead of driving?  Why not go for a walk through the park with the Family, and listen to the sound(s) of Birds singing, and Nature, instead of sitting in front of the television and mindlessly spending hours absorbing what the media wants us to see and hear, being thrust upon us with an ever increasing “negative” theme!

Violence in a myriad of forms, anti-social, and anti-familial themes plague all major media outlets, and we absorb it into our conscious and sub-conscious Lives as “commonplace”, laughing all the while at the amusing anecdotal portrayals of Life “as we know it”.  What’s wrong with us??

Have we come so far technologically that we truly have forgotten, and/or lost, sight of our humanity?  What happened to the happy endings, Family values, the good things in Life?  We don’t have to continue to allow the darkness of “reality” overshadow the brighter aspects of it!  They both exist, and we can change our focus from one to the other!  We can demand the media bring to our homes more of the positive, and less of the negative substance that fills, if not overloads our minds!

Pick a day of the week and spend it outdoors with Family and Friends, instead of inside in front of the television.  Visit Art Museums, go to an Opera, or learn a Hobby that takes you away from the hum-drum 9-5 routines, like Dancing, or Sports, or even Theatre, or attending Cultural Events in the community!  Grow a Garden, and take care of it, feed the homeless, do something beneficial for the community you live in, instead of detrimental!

It may seem I’ve strayed way off topic, but consider the audible Sounds that correlate with these various activities?  Consider the noise(s) created by our more “routine” habits, vs. those of a walk through nature.  Or the quality of time spent with the Family, while we listen to uplifting music or play board games, vs. the drone of the blaring television screen filled with images and audio created to “grab” your attention, and influence your next purchase!

We don’t have to return to the Stone Age to better the quality of the Lives we live, we simply need to more closely monitor the amount of “garbage” we let in, and focus on just  a few things we can do to limit the negative, or increase the positive feed back we absorb through our living environments.

In doing so, think of the difference that can be made to the level of noise pollution we create individually!  Consider if we all took such steps, what the effect on the World around us would be!  Every little bit counts, truly!  And if we can change even just a few small things for the better in our personal Lives, we can effectively spread that change to our public Lives, and watch the waves spread outward, to a greater and greater level of effective change for the better, instead of the worse.


I am a Writer and Poet, Construction Worker with a Union, would be Organic Farmer, Son, Brother, Cousin, Friend, and a few others. I would like to add a few more; Husband, father, .... the list will grow! I am currently working on personal growth, publishing my first book, becoming a Journeyman in the Carpenters Union, learning more of Gardening and Green things, and embracing Life as it comes! Life and Love are only as easy as we allow them to be, but are ever present, when we are ready to embrace them! Time is a tricky, devious thing, and Life is never easy. Nor should it be, the challenge is how we grow! While ever developing mentally and Spiritually over the last decade, The "obstacles to progress" are morphing into challenges to be met, and are ever changing. Such is the amazing Wonder that is Life, as we Learn, as we Grow! Too much structure is at the very heart of institutionalization, and not enough is the path to chaos. Learning that balance I believe is a Life-long challenge. One of many, as balance(s) is(are) ever changing too! All the while (and, as we ALL are...), I am, have been, and continue to be, so very Blessed!! Divine Providence, the "Finger of God", or even a reference to "Footprints"; all and more apply! The Energy of Life is all around us! Creating, Energizing, Healing, Invigorating! Life feeds the Energy of Life! Call It/Them how/by/what you will... Their presence and influence in and upon my Life has been amazing, and I could not, and would not, be who or where I am (NONE of us would/could be), without Them! Divine Providence, Creators/Masters of the multi-verse, the Spark of Life, the Energy that Nourishes, Higher Power, whatever/however you so choose to acknowledge our own smallness in the Universe! Without Their Love, Their Guidance, we are lost. We are sick, we are incomplete, when we lack the Faith to Heal and be Whole! I am growing, and Healing, and Learning, and am greatly in need thereof. But I AM growing, and Healing, and Learning! And so the Light "at the end of the tunnel" Shines ever bright! And Day by Day, I struggle, to be better than I was the day before, and to be prepared to be even better tomorrow! Hallelujah! Aloha! Namaste! As-Salàmu Àlaykum! Peace!

6 thoughts on “Sensory Overload! The things we hear…

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 I was afraid I had digressed too far from the original thought by the time I was finished. I hope I was able to “tie” it all together well enough to make sense… lol Though I don’t meditate as often as I’d like, I find comfort in walking/hiking too, or even bike riding, and do so whenever I’m able! 🙂 Blessed be Liz, and thanks for the comment!


  1. Elron: This is the best of your writings that I have read. Coherant, no dragging the reader by the metaphorical nose-ring, very little unnecessary capitalizations for emphasis, little hyperbole. Thank you. Looking forward to more along this line.

    Miss your presence.



    1. Thank you Susan, for your continued support, and the comment! 🙂 I’m glad to hear/read that improvement is possible! LOL I’m working on an article now for the contest you sent me the info on… perhaps I’ll run it by you before I send it on. Blessed be my Friend, I think of you and Sofia often!


  2. Quite a thought provoking post. 🙂 i love going for walks with friends to a quiet lake that seems like our little secret in nature. I have hope for people, I think the inner desire to return or seek what is beautiful is more powerful than constraints in the end, people find out one way or another “hey, this isn’t working to make me happier…” and I hope their search brings them around to god and his gifts!


    1. I concur! 🙂 It amazes me still that “True” Happiness is found as we simplify our Lives, and acknowledge the connectivity we share not only with Nature but with each other! And yet, we (the vast majority) continue to complicate our Lives, instead of simplifying, and the vibrational differences thus created lead to greater and greater dissatisfaction, the exact opposite of the “American Dream”, which -ironically- is the Dream of all whom I’ve met from around the World. Apparently, the Dream of Peace, Love, and Happiness is Universal, not just “American”! LOL
      Blessed be, and thank you for the comment!


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