Posted by: Elron Mings | 8January2011

A Few Simple Things

This was written the same day (night)…  As I grew closer to completing my Journey, my emotions were high, and hopeful, as the bitter silence continually gave me hope against hope that Love would win the day!  Having nothing else to keep me going, not wanting to admit that the cold cruel “real” world had once again intruded upon and perhaps trampled my ever Romantic, ever Hopeful, ever Poetic heart, dashing my Dreams…  The future remains yet unwritten, but the present gives no assurance that anything soon (or ever) will change what has been done.  Still…

A Few Simple Things


Blessings as Stars

countless and bright

fill the soul with wonder

and light our path at night!


Love as the Sun

warming to the core

its failure a black hole

no escape if it is no more!


Life as the Moon

waxing, waning, then gone

succeed or fail, we choose

the World turns, and moves on.


Dreams as the Earth

plenty for us all

without a good foundation

sadly much will fall!


Hope as Sky

in the moment we define

when forsaken, beauty’s lost

when cherished is divine!


©   20SEP2010                                                                    James Elron Mings

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