Posted by: Elron Mings | 5January2011

The Greatest Gift

Happy New Year!  🙂  As it has been a while since last I posted, and to help bring in the New Year on a “positive” note, I’m posting two of my Journey’s Poems today.  They were written as I neared the end of my Journey, with a Heart full of Hope for the Love that could be/might be (could have or might have been, truly…) found upon its completion, having found so much of it from total strangers along the way.  The outcome of course was much less than what had been hoped for, but the desire to share such idealistic Hope for Love, the Greatest Force in the Universe remains, despite any and all portent of the more negative reality that too many prescribe to.  I am after all a hopeful romantic and Poet above all else!  🙂

The Greatest Gift


As do I have

so shall I give

I’ve so much Life to share

Love is why we Live!


Tomorrow’s never promised

Live each moment as if the last

give as you wish to receive

present becomes quickly the past.


Life doesn’t ask

to come or to go

ne’er promised the next

make each moment glow!


With the glory of Love

so easily shared

we’ve nothing to lose

but the chance to show we cared!


We Live ’cause of Love

I’ve seen it every day

the Blessing of Life found

with you I wish to share, in every possible way!


©   20SEP2010                                             James Elron Mings


  1. great piece! 🙂


    • Thank you! 🙂 It is one of my recent favorites, and I hope it is as inspiring to its readers as it was for me in the moment, and all those that have followed!


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