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Don’t Look Back

I didn’t find a lot of time to write while on my Journey, but those times I did, and the mood was “right”, I tried to take advantage.  There won’t be many Poems that are “consecutive” by date, but this next one was during one of those times, as was the Poem I wrote the next day… again, I hope you enjoy!  🙂

Don’t Look Back


The scene is wilting

the fabric tattered

such beauty once found

it seems it didn’t matter.


The colors of Life

shown brightly through

absent now the T.L.C.

nothing left looks new.


Easy to ignore

easier still to forget

what once was & could be

buried deep in the closet!


Tomorrow comes quick

forgotten yesterdays Glory

none left listening, or telling

the wise person’s story.


Capitalism takes reign

landscapes, shelters, poor,

elderly, needy, & children all abandoned

“No worries… who’s keeping score?”


©  12 AUG2010                                             James Elron Mings


I am a Writer and Poet, Construction Worker with a Union, would be Organic Farmer, Son, Brother, Cousin, Friend, and a few others. I would like to add a few more; Husband, father, .... the list will grow! I am currently working on personal growth, publishing my first book, becoming a Journeyman in the Carpenters Union, learning more of Gardening and Green things, and embracing Life as it comes! Life and Love are only as easy as we allow them to be, but are ever present, when we are ready to embrace them! Time is a tricky, devious thing, and Life is never easy. Nor should it be, the challenge is how we grow! While ever developing mentally and Spiritually over the last decade, The "obstacles to progress" are morphing into challenges to be met, and are ever changing. Such is the amazing Wonder that is Life, as we Learn, as we Grow! Too much structure is at the very heart of institutionalization, and not enough is the path to chaos. Learning that balance I believe is a Life-long challenge. One of many, as balance(s) is(are) ever changing too! All the while (and, as we ALL are...), I am, have been, and continue to be, so very Blessed!! Divine Providence, the "Finger of God", or even a reference to "Footprints"; all and more apply! The Energy of Life is all around us! Creating, Energizing, Healing, Invigorating! Life feeds the Energy of Life! Call It/Them how/by/what you will... Their presence and influence in and upon my Life has been amazing, and I could not, and would not, be who or where I am (NONE of us would/could be), without Them! Divine Providence, Creators/Masters of the multi-verse, the Spark of Life, the Energy that Nourishes, Higher Power, whatever/however you so choose to acknowledge our own smallness in the Universe! Without Their Love, Their Guidance, we are lost. We are sick, we are incomplete, when we lack the Faith to Heal and be Whole! I am growing, and Healing, and Learning, and am greatly in need thereof. But I AM growing, and Healing, and Learning! And so the Light "at the end of the tunnel" Shines ever bright! And Day by Day, I struggle, to be better than I was the day before, and to be prepared to be even better tomorrow! Hallelujah! Aloha! Namaste! As-Salàmu Àlaykum! Peace!

4 thoughts on “Don’t Look Back

    1. I’m not sure which part you speaking of (though I think I have an idea…), but I most definitely appreciate the compliment, being referred to one who is so well received as a Poet already! 🙂 Thank you for the comment, feel free to “Like” or Subscribe, and pass the word! LOL We Poets need all the “recognition” we can get should it be that we seek Publication, and such things, our “target market” I fear is diminishing. As we become so ensconced in technology, and the general “disconnect” from not only our emotions, but each other, hiding behind this great “medium” of communication, replacing the genuine connection(s) made in “real Life”. Again, thank you, and Blessed be Elizabeth! 🙂


  1. Ah, Elron: I can’t even begin to tell you on a public forum what I think of this poem. Please: check out the poetry of Wallace Stevens.

    Love you,



    1. I still don’t get the reference to Steven Wallace, but after speaking to you on the phone, I may not totally agree, but neither do I disagree totally. I appreciate your honesty and your discretion! And you know I Love you, and enjoy your feedback!


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