Posted by: Elron Mings | 4April2010

I Want To…

I Want To…



I want to write,

but of what?

There’s always the popular,

what I know is liked,

& pleases the masses:

death, murder, pain,

suffering, anguish, sorrow,

mental anxiety, grief,

despair, loss, heartache.

“So real!  So vivid!

So true!  So much depth!

So me!  So altruistic!

So…”  Played out!!

I want to write,

but who would believe?

The brighter side of living,

those things we claim to desire:

Life, Liberty, True Love,

Peace, Happiness, Family,

Honesty, purity, togetherness,

caring, vibrant emotions,

Truth, unity, sincere feelings.

“Too happy!  Too idealistic!

Too much!  Too mushy!

Too hopeful!  Too naive!

Too…”  Unlike the real world!!

I want to write,

but what’s the point?

You cannot move the numb,

and so numb, have we become!

©   07JAN2010                                                       James Elron Mings

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