Posted by: Elron Mings | 2January2010

Happy New Year!!



Happy New Year!!


A New Year dawns,

and with it much Hope,

for Life wholly Lived,

and felt, Loves full scope!


Change for the better,

so many resolute,

brightness of new Life shines,

burying darkness & silly dispute!


A new leaf turned,

Living without regret,

obstacles easy overcome,

if we refuse, to let tragedy beset!


With the Love of God,

all wrongs can we make right,

with the Blessings of Life & Love,

their Glory bringing such delight!


A New Year has risen,

pursuing Life, Love, & Liberty clear,

with Joy I Pray we find them,

to each and all, a Blessed New Year!!


©   01JAN2010                                                       James Elron Mings



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