Posted by: Elron Mings | 18December2009

The Beauty Of Love

This was written shortly after I arrived in Woodland, CA (the first time), for she who so Inspired it, while I watched her at her Trade, baking mini-loaves of bread.  It remains to be the best bread I’ve ever had, and was the beginning of the Happiest 3 months of my Life!

The Beauty Of Love



Bliss ensues,

as Lover’s unite,

Love is abound,

as they hold tight.

Moments collide,

Forever found,

bodies entwined,

their minds sound.

Thoughts connect,

together as one,

feelings intense,

heat, as the sun!

Love is forever,

in moments shared,

emotions unhidden,

the impossible dared!

Success unveiled,

a first for Love,

no meaning in time,

when pure as a dove!

13AUG2009                                                                             JamesElronMings


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