Posted by: Elron Mings | 18December2009

Mother = Love

Mother = Love



For my Mother,

I write this rhyme,

let it bear record,

for all of time.

Of my Love,

for her I share,

NONE would exist,

without their care.

Mothers world ‘round,

know of such grief,

for letting go,

for their child’s relief.

Rearing from birth,

Loving, right or wrong,

showing the way,

praying children grow strong.

Instincts run deep,

for ALL mothers on Earth,

to keep & protect,

their children from birth.

Strength they know,

unmatched in this world,

devoted to Life,

lest their Love be unfurled.

Great is the child,

when Mothers Love’s known!

Without this gift,

‘s when we feel most alone!

To mothers everywhere,

my thanks be to you,

for my Mom, know,

that I Love you!

Life couldn’t be,

were it not for your Love,

Life wouldn’t be,

but for your Blessing of Love.

©   10MAY2009                                                                       JamesElronMings


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