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Hello world!

…I tried this once before, let’s try it again!  🙂  I am new to the Blogging community, as when it first came about, I was not only skeptical, but (more than) somewhat hesitant to have anything to do with it, as I figured it was just one more means for the masses at large to waste time on-line, living vicariously through their computers, as apposed to actually “living” Life!  As it turns out, and though this may yet be so, it has also become a great tool for communication, and is not only widely used and followed!

I, being a Poet, and having the belief that there is purpose (beyond, but not in exclusion of, marketing) in my “communicating” to the “general” public, my thoughts, ideas, and perhaps sharing as well a bit of my “personal” Life, have come to realize the necessity and importance of “Blogging”, be it a necessary evil or otherwise.

As previously stated, I had before posted a Blog (or thought I had) bearing this title, but apparently it did not get saved, as when I went back to look at it, it remained the generic “This is a Blog…” message given all new members of the community.  So, here ‘goes…

Hello World!  I am a struggling Poet, with Dreams and Aspirations galore!  Full of Ideals and Beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that I would like to share, so here “I” am!

First, a preface…  You will find, if you continue to read or follow my “Posts”, a few things you may question.  For example, you will ALWAYS find, that I have capitalized certain words, such as Love, Life, Live, Dreams, Spirit, and so forth…  the reason being, I feel these words, not only bear significant meaning, but should have applied to them an obvious emphasis, as they are (and should be) Powerful in their use, and understanding, as they are more than just words!  They symbolize not only the definition by which they are understood, but a deeply rooted sense of who and what we are, or should be, or would like to be.  So, per MY belief, I will not write them, either by hand or type-written, without the emphasis “I” feel they deserve.  [Note, “Love” you will also notice, to be Italicized, and Bold printed, this is because it is my long standing belief that this word, and it’s “roots” and origins, hold for us all the very keys to our happiness and existence upon this planet!]

I feel very much akin to my 6,000,000,000 + brothers and sisters, and find it difficult in their consideration, to muster any semblance of the anxiety, hatred, and blatant ignorance for and/or about their well being that runs rampant throughout our world.  When (and if) we come to the realization that, we are ALL related, all seeking the same thing, all victims of and responsible for the problems that plague all inhabitants of this planet, it becomes ridiculous, if not impossible to share in the wanton war-mongering, profiteering, self-centered practices that have brought this, OUR home, to the edge of ruin upon which it now teeters.  It is, after all, the only home, and the only planet we currently have to live upon, or in!  And if we would simply realize that our co-existence holds the very key to our survival, and that our separatist ways and attitudes hold nothing more than the promise of our destruction, how can we but not begin to think more of what we can do to better ourselves, and in-so-much the lives of others?  How can we, upon such simple (and logical) reasoning, come to any other conclusion than that we, each and every one of us, have the ability to make a positive difference in the world in which we reside?  It is, after all, OUR home, and it is, after all, screaming at us to change our ways, and think more of what must be done to ensure the very survival of the Human Race…

There is of course, as long as I am gifted with the ability(ies) to do so, more to come later…  Until then, I Pray this finds you all, whoever, and wherever you are, in good Health, and High Spirits, and that you come away from having read it with a sense that your time spent doing so was not wasted!  LOL  Blessed be, Friends, Brothers and Sisters, and Family all!


I am a Writer and Poet, Construction Worker with a Union, would be Organic Farmer, Son, Brother, Cousin, Friend, and a few others. I would like to add a few more; Husband, father, .... the list will grow! I am currently working on personal growth, publishing my first book, becoming a Journeyman in the Carpenters Union, learning more of Gardening and Green things, and embracing Life as it comes! Life and Love are only as easy as we allow them to be, but are ever present, when we are ready to embrace them! Time is a tricky, devious thing, and Life is never easy. Nor should it be, the challenge is how we grow! While ever developing mentally and Spiritually over the last decade, The "obstacles to progress" are morphing into challenges to be met, and are ever changing. Such is the amazing Wonder that is Life, as we Learn, as we Grow! Too much structure is at the very heart of institutionalization, and not enough is the path to chaos. Learning that balance I believe is a Life-long challenge. One of many, as balance(s) is(are) ever changing too! All the while (and, as we ALL are...), I am, have been, and continue to be, so very Blessed!! Divine Providence, the "Finger of God", or even a reference to "Footprints"; all and more apply! The Energy of Life is all around us! Creating, Energizing, Healing, Invigorating! Life feeds the Energy of Life! Call It/Them how/by/what you will... Their presence and influence in and upon my Life has been amazing, and I could not, and would not, be who or where I am (NONE of us would/could be), without Them! Divine Providence, Creators/Masters of the multi-verse, the Spark of Life, the Energy that Nourishes, Higher Power, whatever/however you so choose to acknowledge our own smallness in the Universe! Without Their Love, Their Guidance, we are lost. We are sick, we are incomplete, when we lack the Faith to Heal and be Whole! I am growing, and Healing, and Learning, and am greatly in need thereof. But I AM growing, and Healing, and Learning! And so the Light "at the end of the tunnel" Shines ever bright! And Day by Day, I struggle, to be better than I was the day before, and to be prepared to be even better tomorrow! Hallelujah! Aloha! Namaste! As-Salàmu Àlaykum! Peace!

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